By: Brian Evans

Democrats hopes fell flat on Tuesday night, as Republicans swept both House seats in North Carolina’s Special Elections! First, as the results came in, Republican Greg Murphy won North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District, which definitely got a boost from President Trump’s visit to Fayetteville, North Carolina on Monday night!

Republican Greg Murphy won North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District seat in Tuesday’s high stakes special election.

Greg Murphy, who is a physician, won the election handily and will succeed the late GOP Rep. Walter Jones Jr.

Soon after the election was called, President Trump tweeted…

“One down, one to go – Greg Murphy is projected to win in the Great State of North Carolina!”

Soon after the election was called for Murphy in NC-3, North Carolina’s 9th District was called for Dan Bishop as well!

President Trump with Dan Bishop at Fayetteville rally

Interestingly, as polling showed the Democrat, Dan McCready narrowly beating Bishop prior to Monday, President Trump traveled to the state, and campaigned for both Bishop and Murphy, which appears to have pushed them both over the top!

It was a great night for the GOP and an excellent night for President Trump!