By: Brian Evans

In case you didn’t catch the President’s speech at the North Carolina rally last night, the President put his support behind House Republican Dan Bishop (R-NC), as voting began in the 9th Congressional Special Election! Dan McCready stated to a small group of Windsor Run residents that…

“We’re tied. It’s going to be extremely close.”

The Charlotte Observer wrote

Bishop and McCready are running in a special election ordered after state officials found evidence of ballot fraud in the 2018 election. Libertarian Jeff Scott and Green Party candidate Allen Smith are also running in the Sept. 10 election.

Inside Elections published a poll Friday that showed McCready up by 4 points, still within the margin of error. It also showed 47% of likely 9th District voters approve of Trump’s performance while 48% disapprove.

Like that poll, internal surveys by each side indicate another close race in the district. Last November McCready appeared to trail Republican Mark Harris by just 905 votes. Little wonder that both candidates are focusing on getting out the vote in what’s expected to be a low-turnout election.

Through Monday, 9.2% of 9th District voters had cast early or absentee ballots, according to the State Board of Elections. Democrats were voting at a rate that exceeded their registration percentage while Republicans were essentially matching theirs. Democrats have traditionally done better in early voting while Republicans do better on Election Day.

State officials have urged voters to cast ballots early with the prospect of Hurricane Dorian hitting the state this week.

Although Dan McCready (D-NC) touts himself as a moderate, President Trump pointed to his left-wing “ultra-liberal” agenda, as he noted his various platform ideas like

“open borders and he really admires socialism.”

McCready slammed the President’s visit, stating that…

“Obviously Dan Bishop is terrified . . . So he’s bringing in everyone he can to bail him out.”

The left-wing Charlotte Observer paper added that…

McCready, who has campaigned as a moderate, has tried to distance himself from his party’s more liberal presidential candidates. Speaking to the seniors Tuesday, he dismissed the “crazy aspirational things” that some candidates have called for.

Ultimately, the voters of North Carolina have a big decision, as McCready has repeatedly proclaimed his support for the left-wing agenda, such as ending the border wall, opening up Americans borders to foreigners, whether legal or illegal and various other left-wing ideals! However, the election is up to the people of the great state of North Carolina, as they hit the polls today, and help to determine the direction and future of our nation!