By: Brian Evans

This past Sunday, a group of left-wing radical open-border activists gathered together in New York’s Grand Central Station, where they worked together to attack ICE, as well as, the United States Border Patrol

On Sunday a group of far-left open borders leftists held a rally in Grand Central Station in New York City. The radical leftists were protesting against ICE and US Border Patrol, demanding that the United States opens up the borders to illegals, and calling for an abolishment of all agencies who defend the borders of our nation!

When Trump supporters got wind of the anti-ICE and anti-Border Patrol rally, they decided to hold a counter-protest, and interestingly Pamela Hall, with The Silent Majority No More caught an amazing exchange between a black pro-Trump 2020 supporter, and the radical leftists, where HE CERTAINLY HELD HIS OWN! In fact, as he held up his Trump 2020 sign, he explained to them…

“This is America. It’s freedom… He called me a house negro. That’s why I don’t like white liberals or Democrats. They are the worst of the worst on this earth. They want to control you. They are the worst. If you’re a white liberal or Democrat pay me reparations. Not that I want it. You say I deserve it. And I will turn it over the Trump campaign.”

Video via The Silent Majority No More