By: Brian Evans

As the allegations of racism continue to be espoused by the Democrat Party and Mainstream Media, it continues to be the left who is exposed as using hate speech, physical attacks, and especially anti-Semitic and racist language and comments

Now, Breitbart News reported on Wednesday that the…

Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., used what many conservatives and Jewish leaders are saying is an antisemitic attack against those working to expose the media, calling in a just-published column those involved in the effort, such as GOP strategist Arthur Schwartz, “termites.”

Schwartz, the only person Pitts, Jr., names as involved in the effort, is a Jewish conservative and ally of President Donald Trump.

The use of the word “termites” echoes antisemitism from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who has recently used the word to attack Jewish people.

The left-wing Trump-hating journalist wrote

“A president who has branded journalists ‘enemies of the people’ and news media ‘an evil propaganda machine’ now has working on his behalf an anti-journalism hit squad. These people are nothing less than termites in the woodwork of freedom.”

Breitbart went on to note that…

Mort Klein, the president of America’s oldest pro-Israel group the Zionist Organization of America said in a phone interview on Tuesday evening he believes the comments from Pitts, Jr., are antisemitic. Klein referenced not just Farrakhan’s use of the word “termites” to describe Jewish people, but also when Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) used the same term.

“Since notorious anti-Semites like Louis Farrakhan and antisemitic congressmen like Hank Johnson have both referred to Jewish people as ‘termites,’ one can legitimately assume that Leonard Pitts’ reference to a Jewish man as a ‘termite’ is also being used in an antisemitic manner,” Klein told Breitbart News, “I’m concerned that incidents of antisemitism have been increasing and this latest episode of a Miami Herald writer calling a Jew a ‘termite’ when it’s a word that’s been used by many anti-Semites against Jews leads me to believe this was done intentionally to attack Jewish people.”

His comments have brought about outrage, as Jewish leaders and Conservative Republicans point out how his terminology follows Louis Farrakhan’s terminology and anti-Semitic language!

In fact, Chelsea Clinton slammed Farrakhan for the same language, as she pointed out how Farrakhan compared Jews to termites when he stated the following about Jews…

“I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

Chelsea Clinton responded by stating…

Interestingly, Breitbart pointed out how the Miami Tribune defended the anti-Semitism of their Tribune editor, as they wrote…

Miami Herald executive editor, president, and publisher Mindy Marques Gonzalez referred Breitbart News to the Miami Herald‘s editorial page editor Nancy Ancrum for comment. Ancrum, in a statement to Breitbart News, defended the use of the word “termite” from Pitts, Jr., claiming it was not antisemitic because he was referring to a group of people behind an effort to expose journalists.

“Your characterization of  Leonard Pitts’ column is completely false and misleading,” Ancrum said in an email. “At no point does Pitts mention Jewish Americans. Clearly, his use of the word ‘termites’ refers only to the people, regardless of their religion, behind the effort to disparage journalists at major news outlets.”

The problem with Ancrum’s explanation, however, is the only person Pitts, Jr., names in his column as being behind the effort is Schwartz, who is Jewish. He names no other people in describing the effort.

Even Donald Trump Jr. Slammed Pitt’s anti-Semitism, as he said…

“So these “jornalists” explain away their colleagues’ anti-Semitism by using Farrakhan’s playbook – dehumanizing a Jewish man by calling him a “termite.” Solid plan guys, solid plan.”

Regardless, Mindy Marques, of the Tribune, tried to attack Donald Trump Jr. by calling his statement, false and misleading! Furthermore, she tries to make it about Trump supporters, rather than Jews…

Ironically, she tried to make the claim that calling Jewish people ‘termites’ is acceptable, as she tries to separate their religion from the Jewish people themselves, thinking that it made it somehow acceptable!

In the end, too many left-wing radicals, even in the Mainstream Media rank-and-file itself, have become so accustomed to being a protected class, that they whole-heartedly believe that they are immune to any consequences for their outlandish and radical comments, behaviors, or actions! However, now as President Trump continues to call them out for their hypocrisy, for their anti-Americanism, for their hate and racist behavior, and for their transformation from real news into a propaganda conglomerate, they are slowly losing the trust of ‘We the People’! Ultimately, it will be their demise, if they cannot reign in their hate-driven agenda, racist, hypocritical, and anti-American discourse!