By: Brian Evans

In an ironic twist, the new 2020 Presidential candidate who has announced that they are running on the Republican ticket against President Trump, has become engulfed in his own scandal! The irony lies in the fact that he announced his candidacy by attacking President Trump for using Twitter and using extremely offensive comments on the site, and because he claimed that President Trump is a racist, and isn’t fit to serve as President.

However, when the well-documented Trump-hater and Trump-basher Joe Walsh announced his Presidential bid against Trump, on the former Clinton advisor and ABC host George Stephanopoulos’ show, he attacked the President’s divisive rhetoric, while using hateful and divisive dialogue!

Walsh has been trashing Trump since Trump announced his candidacy for President of the United States! However, it gets worse for Walsh!

In fact, not only did Walsh fail to be able to cite any truly racist comments or actions made by the President, he has had his own long and detailed history of racism exposed, as he repeatedly used the N-Word, over, and over, and over, and over again!

Via The Donald Reddit…

Sadly, Walsh like the rest of the Trump-hating globalist Elites, will do anything and say anything, in order to try and smear the President, regardless of facts or truth! If nothing else, it shows just why Joe Walsh only served one term in Congress, as well as, why he will lose greatly in 2020!

In the end, Walsh appears to be a bad JOKE! Sadly, he is a filthy-mouthed and racist one at that!