By: Brian Evans

Just when one would think that the Mainstream Media couldn’t sink any lower, and couldn’t become any more insane, they always seem to step up to the plate and prove me wrong! In fact, now what has always been a traditional and purely American staple, the Washington Post has worked to find a way to link the hamburger to none other than Russia! WHY YOU MIGHT ASK…BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP LOVES THEM!

The Gateway Pundit exposed the story in the Washington Post where they wrote…

It was a story about hamburgers.

“It’s high summer — hamburger season,” said the lead of the piece, published in the Washington Post on Tuesday. “The char, the fat, the squishy perfection of processed bread sopping up the overflowing juices — doesn’t it somehow seem like Americans’ birthright? There’s a reason that President Trump chose to serve hamburgers — twice — as an all-American feast for some all-American championship college football players.”

The title of the rediculous article read...

“Even one of Trump’s favorite foods has a hidden Russia connection.”

The Pundit went on to note that the Washington Post tried to make the connection that…

Trump likes burgers; Russia likes burgers; Trump enlisted Russia to alter the election’s outcome. We don’t know for sure, but that’s all we can guess.

Here’s the second paragraph of the piece: “But peel back the oil-spattered pages of history, and you’ll find that the sandwich so closely aligned with the stars and stripes was once also embraced by the hammer and sickle. (Yep, like so much about this current administration, even Trump’s beloved hamburgers have surprising ties to Russia.) In the 1930s, when McDonald’s was just a greasy twinkle in Ray Kroc’s eye — he didn’t open his first McDonald’s until 1955 — the Soviet Union was a couple of decades out from its revolution and in the midst of industrialization and urbanization on a staggering scale. Tens of millions left the countryside for the cities, as feudal farmers transformed into urban Soviet workers. And these workers needed to be fed.”

“… even Trump’s beloved hamburgers have surprising ties to Russia”?! What does that mean?!?

As the story goes on, it begins to talk about the history of hamburgers in Russia, and even admits deep into the article, IF ANYONE EVER MAKES IT THAT FAR INTO THE RIDICULOUS ARTICLE, it finishes by stating…

“while the distinctions between burgers and kotleti (a Soviet food) are not huge, the meaning behind them can be.”

Ultimately, after the massive Mueller fail, and as the Trump/Russia collusion theory falls to ashes, Democrats and their Mainstream Media propaganda arms are grasping at anything to try to smear the President as a traitor to America! In the end, it shows how desperate and pathetic they are willing to stoop to, in order to smear the President as unfit to be President, and all the while, making themselves look petty and desperate!

Feature Image Via: @RT