By: Brian Evans

Democrats have over the past few years tried to Demonize President Trump based on his wealth and success as a businessman, as they try to make themselves to be the defenders of the poor and middle classes. However, while they claim that they represent those poorer Americans and as President Trump continues to fight for the working class, it is the Democrats who fight for the Elitists in Hollywood, in the NFL and sports arenas, and in corporate America! It isn’t surprising, as the Democrats fight for Socialism, because the truth behind the Socialism that they peddle, fails to mention that it eliminates the Middle Class in America, and strips wealth and power from the poorest of Americans, while gifting that wealth to the upper Elites, which happens to not only be Hollywood, Corporate leadership, and athletes, but the Political Elites in Washington D.C. as well! In fact, they fail to note that although they slam President Trump for being a billionaire, they are part of the Elitist mentality, both in riches and in power!

For example, Forbes reported that…

Everyone knows Donald Trump is rich. But how about the 25 people jockeying to replace him as president? Forbes dug into the details—examining financial disclosure statements, scouring local real estate records and calculating pension benefits—to figure out the finances of the 2020 candidates.

There were some surprises. Bernie is a millionaire. So is “middle-class Joe” Biden. Elizabeth Warren is richer than both of them, worth an estimated $12 million. But she’s a long way from John Delaney, whose $200 million fortune makes him twice as wealthy as every other Democratic candidate not named Tom Steyer. The hedge fund tycoon, who announced his candidacy in July 2019, is worth an estimated $1.6 billion.

Aside from Trump and Steyer, the average net worth is $12.9 million—the same as it was for the 2016 contenders. The median net worth is $2 million. The poorest is Pete Buttigieg, who has an estimated $100,000—or about 0.003% of Trump’s fortune.


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Forbes added that…

We reached out to all of the candidates. No one, not even the Democrats who spend the most time bashing Trump for his financial dealings, answered every question. So we ranked the entire field on transparency, assigning scores ranging from 0 (lips sealed) to 5 (full disclosure). In the end, we uncovered the money, regardless of whether the candidates wanted it out in the open.

It is all interesting, because most of the Political 2020 contenders entered the political arena as poorer and Middle-Class Americans, and quickly after they amassed power in D.C., they amassed riches as well!

Forbes also noted that they have not yet estimated the net worth of two 2020 candidates, Bill Weld and Wayne Messam, but they stated that neither candidate has filed their financial disclosure reports with the federal government.