By: Brian Evans

After years of amassing power and wealth, many Unions today represent their own left-wing interests, over the interests of those whom they are supposed to be representing…AMERICAN WORKERS!

Now, in a blow to the American workers, the AFL-CIO Union President, Richard Trumka announced his support for pushing illegal immigration, and allowing illegal aliens to take the jobs of American workers in the United States!

The Gateway Pundit reported

They’ve lost their way.
They are SOOOOO Corrupt that they forgot who they represent.

AFL-CIO Union President Richard Trumka posted several tweets on Thursday in support of illegal aliens taking US jobs.

Rishard Trumka: We condemn these raids in the strongest possible terms and pledge our full support to @UFCW and the working people of Mississippi as they work to win justice for all those who were unfairly targeted.

Face it US workers, they’re just not into you.

Meanwhile, as the American workers have seen their jobs, over the years, ripped away from them, only to be given to illegal aliens, who work for much less pay, costing American families everything!

The Conservative Treehouse posted the AFL-CIO President Trumka’s tweets…

Sadly, most of the Unions today, no longer represent the American workers or American interests! Instead, they support their own personal ideological ends, which they see as a pathway to their own Elitist power-hungry and greedy ends!