By: Brian Evans

On Wednesday night, former Vice President Joe Biden proved to be once again a gaffe machine, as well as, proved to be inept in his ability to explain his ever-changing policy stances, nor was he able to explain away the policies that existed under his leadership, as he pleaded ignorance.

Now, at the second round of Democrat Presidential debates, Joe Biden has even made the radical call for jailing insurance industry executives who dare to oppose his health care proposals.

Breitbart News reported…

Biden, who in the past has claimed that “politicians can take away” the First Amendment if they “want,” made the remarks when discussing his proposal to expand Obamacare through a public option.

“I have the only plan that limits the ability of insurance companies to charge unreasonable prices, flat out,” he said. “We should put some of these insurance executives, who totally oppose my plan, in jail for the 9 billion opioids they sell out there.”

Breitbart also noted that…

The former vice president further added that such executives were “misrepresenting to the American what” should be done to fix healthcare.

This is not the first time that Biden has signaled his support for jailing insurance industry executives. During the first Democrat presidential debate last month, the former vice president floated the punishment for misleading medical ads.

Joe Biden’s remarks mimic similar calls by some of the other candidates for jailing Americans who dare defy their Party’s will! However, their calls for imprisonment, along with Biden’s fly in the face of the Constitution of the United States, and all the laws that it explicitly lays out!

Apparently, the Democrats no longer look to the Constitution of the United States, but instead view their Socialist-based agenda as the governing manual for the America of tomorrow!