By: Brian Evans

Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies have been fearmongering and alleging that President Trump and his supporters are nothing but left-wing NAZI’s who are race-hating, Xenophobes, Homophobes, Islamaphobes, and full-fledged racists! However, they fail to cite actual examples, statements, or actions made by the President or his supporters, nor do they note or call out racist, anti-Semitic, or hate-filled comments that are reminiscent of the USSR, or the Nazi-Fascist regime! Interestingly, it isn’t surprising, in that the Nazi Party was a Socialist Party, rather than a Conservative one!

Regardless, despite the facts, leftists like MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, who moonlights as a reporter, while actually espousing propaganda, rather than actual newsworthy reporting, used last weeks mass shootings to unleash even greater hate and attacks on the President and his supporters.

For example, MRC noted how…

Nicole Wallace opened the show by attempting to affix blame for the mass shootings not only on President Trump, but also on her network’s far-more successful competitor, Fox NewsWallace claimed that President Trump’s “racist language” is sometimes “preceded by similar attacks from Fox News and other right-wing media.”

Then, they revealed that

In the wake of the weekend’s mass shootings, the liberal media have unleashed a torrent of false accusations and attempted political exploitation

But for sheer, vile, slander, it will be hard to top the calumny uttered by Nicolle Wallace on her MSNBC show Monday afternoon. Wallace actually claimed that President Trump is “talking about exterminating Latinos.”



Newsbusters released the MSNBC  transcript…

Deadline: White House
4:13 pm EDT

RAUL REYES: In words and actions throughout his presidency, he’s basically declared open-season on Latinos because we are one of his favorite targets . . . And it’s not just the language he used, you mentioned calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists when he came down the escalator. That was day one. Then it escalated into attacks on Latino journalists. It escalated into attacks on the so-called, in his words, Mexican judge.


REYES: Then ramped it up again to the invasion, warning people of a caravan and words like infestation. What do you do with an infestation? With an infestation, the natural conclusion is attempt an extermination. 

WALLACE: What do you do when, certainly, the last Republican president fought for, sought and it’s not ideal but had 44% of Latino voters. So politically powerful inside the last Republican administration. President Obama used the power of the presidency to try to pass comprehensive immigration reform, with the Latino community, Latino leaders, at the table. You now have a president, as you said, talking about exterminating Latinos. 

REYES: Right.

MRC went on to note that…

Wallace twisted the already-outrageous words of her guest Raul Reyes, a frequent CNN contributor. Reyes had said that Trump has spoken of “infestation,” and that  “with an infestation, the natural conclusion is to attempt an extermination.”

But Reyes stopped short of claiming that Trump had actually spoken of “exterminating Latinos.” Wallace didn’t. The Trump-hatred of this erstwhile aide to George W. and John McCain is so all-consuming that no accusation against Trump, no matter how slanderous, is seemingly off-limits.

Ultimately, the new radicalized left has chosen to use words spoken by the President to describe the filthy living conditions that have been brought on by those in DC, who have allowed American cities to be turned from shining examples of the American dream, into utter dumps, not fit for human inhabitation! As a result of the filth, cities like Baltimore and San Francisco have been subjected to filthy living conditions, serious rat infestations, and rampant diseases to re-emerge, which have not been around since the Middle Ages! Diseases like typhus and the bubonic plague! Furthermore, that doesn’t even cover the drug infestation that even Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings admitted  to in 1998!

Regardless, leftists like Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies like Wallace, pervert his statements to try and wrongfully trying to convince Americans that he was calling it an infestation of Latinos or Blacks!

Ultimately, the left continues to work tirelessly to promote hate, racial divides, and anti-American idealism, in their desire to implement Socialism, which gives the government all the power, over our free Capitalist society that puts the means of production and the American dream in the hands of the American individual! Sadly, the radical left will not stop until they irradicate the free market and the individual, in favor of the subjugation of the masses with the wealth and power of America, in the hands of the Fiscal, Social, and Political Elitist few in America!