By: Brian Evans

Already, for the past few years, YouTube and other Tech Giants have been caught censoring Conservative and Christian content online, but now the Gateway Pundit has exposed how YouTube’s Ad Policy has determined the term ‘Christian’ is unacceptable, while ‘Muslim’ Is Considered acceptable!

The Gateway Pundit reported that

Chad Robichaux, the founder of the veterans Christian organization the Mighty Oaks Foundation, has caught YouTube censoring Christian advertisers.

Watch the following video to see how YouTube no longer allows you to target a ‘Christian’ audience.

However, the tech world’s left-wing attempt at domination isn’t isolated to Silicone Valley! In fact, over recent years, the Democrat Party has begun to attack and vilify Christians, as they demonize the same Christian faith and values that our Founding Fathers established this nation upon! In fact, in September of 2017, during the confirmation hearing for Amy Barrett to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Democratic senator Dianne Feinstein attacked the nominee for her Roman Catholic faith, when she said…

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern when you come to big issues that large numbers of people have fought for years in this country.”

In other words, Democrat Diane Feinstein is clearly hinting at Roe v. Wade, a Supreme Court ruling that Feinstein defends so fervently that she called it a…


However, there is no such thing as a super-precedent, but only a precedent! Regardless, the Democrats now believe that ANY LEFT-WING PRECEDENT is a super-precedent, while CONSERVATIVE PRECEDENT is a racist and discriminatory mistake to be corrected.

In all, according to the National Review, Amy Barrett is…

a law professor at the University of Notre Dame who has written about the role of religion in public life and delivered academic lectures to Christian legal groups. Drawing on some of these materials, Feinstein launched a thinly veiled attack on Barrett’s Catholic faith, asserting that her religious views will prevent her from judging fairly.

Sadly, Dianne Feinstein attacked Barrett’s faith as a Christian and Catholic, as being a disqualifying factor. Certainly, not respecting the separation of church and state, as Thomas Jefferson so eloquently intended.

Even the left-wing Yahoo News, who was also one of the news sites behind the promotion of the anti-Trump dossier being used to launch the Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy theory, is also behind the attack on Judge Barrett for her Christian beliefs! Yahoo News is openly-promoting Christianity as a CULT!

Yahoo News reported…

Who are the ‘People of Praise’ that Supreme Court contender Amy Coney Barrett belongs to?

Many Christians view this time as a bona fide revival, a unique manifestation of God’s power, similar to the Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries.

This context — the intensity and earnestness of that time — helps explain some of the more esoteric and sometimes concerning elements of religious practice that have been attributed to People of Praise. The group’s public reticence has contributed to accusations by former members that it attempts to influence the lives of its members in ways that in the past have crossed over into control and manipulation.

Even in one of the most rigorous critiques of Barrett’s group — a 152-page booklet written in 1997 by a former member named Adrian Reimers — there are numerous references to the powerful experience that swept up so many young people of faith during that time.

Reimers notes “the strong sense of euphoria that permeated the movement, not only in South Bend, [Ind.,] but all across the country.

“It seemed that the Holy Spirit was carrying us along, that all we had to do was to respond to His manifest leadings,” Reimers wrote of that time.

And Reimers describes “charismatic Masses, prayer meetings and large rallies” in which participants felt “an almost tangible sense of communion.”

In other words, Yahoo is promoting the “almost tangible sense of communion with God”, as a cult-ish experience. Jack Posobiec even pointed out Yahoo News anti-Christian war on today’s American Christians…

Ironically, it is President Trump who has fought for and stands by women’s rights on any number of issues. However, the Democrats criticized him on each and every issue. In fact, the Democrats stand by women, but only the women who believe in and subscribe to the Progressive-Socialist agenda. Only women like the Female Hollywood elitists, or female special interest groups, and female democrat political elitists. Meanwhile, they have encouraged the harassment of any woman who stands in the way of their agenda. Women like KellyAnne Conway, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, DHS Secretary Kjirsten Nielsen, Judge Amy Barrett, and countless others in their war on ‘non-progressive and non-socialist women.” As far as LGBTQ American’s, President Trump has not done anything to attack their voting block, and has even appointed the first openly gay Ambassador to Germany. In fact, he has even fought to protect the rights of everyone, regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, or income. Then, there is the democrat claim of race inequality! An interesting attack, since under President Trump, not only has overall unemployment plummeted to the lowest levels in more than 18 years, female unemployment is at the lowest level ever, black unemployment is at the lowest level in history, and Hispanic unemployment is at the lowest level ever recorded. In fact, unemployment for every group across the board is at an all-time low.

However, the radical Left’s war on the image of Conservatives is only one small part of the now Marxist Democrats war against America! In fact, Christianity, especially Christian Conservatives are their number one target, which is why President Trump has been attacked from every angle, demonizing his past, smearing his name, and trying to make him seem ‘dirty’ to the American voters! These radicals NEED AMERICA TO TURN ON THE PRESIDENT, as he has done more to re-establish America’s moral authority, fought for justice, returned to Constitutional law, and fought to return power from the Federal government to the States! Furthermore, Christian’s support for the President has been one of the major forces in getting him elected, and keeping him in office! As a result, the Democrats and the Marxists who now control their Party are waging war on Christianity and Christians as a whole!

David Harowitz said on FrontPageMag that…

The progressive assault on our country begins with the assault on religious liberty and the freedom of conscience, which has been ongoing since the expulsion of religion from the public schools in the 1960s. Religious liberty is the cornerstone of our democracy and our civilization, and it is under siege and in retreat. Whether it is a memorial cross on public lands to commemorate heroes who gave their lives to keep us free, or the Little Sisters of the Poor, a Catholic charity whose celibate nuns were pursued through the courts by the vindictive Obama White House, to force them to provide contraceptives to the elderly poor who had no use for them; or whether it is the LGBTQ vigilantes out to force a Colorado baker to make cakes that violate his religious beliefs, the aggressive bigotry of progressives knows no limits. They are the storm troopers of a new totalitarianism whose clear agenda is a one-party state to enforce their political correctness: no electoral college, no senate, no i.d. checks at the ballot box, no barriers at the borders, no voting age lower limit – where exactly do you think they’re heading?

Freedom of conscience is the first and most important freedom we enjoy as Americans along with its indispensable ancillary, freedom of speech. If your thoughts cannot be defended, and if you cannot express them to your fellow citizens, your days as a free individual are numbered. If you can’t think for yourself, and express your thoughts whatever they are, you cannot defend any of your freedoms. If we lose this final bulwark of our democracy, the totalitarian night of progressive “justice” will be finally upon us, and there will be no reprieve. Freedom of conscience is already vanishing from the political landscape under the onslaught of the left, and freedom of expression is not far behind thanks to the unprecedented power of the Silicon oligarchs. The hour is late, but if we rise to the occasion, it may not be beyond reprieve.

Dennis Prager went on Fox Nation’s Starnes Country and pointed out that…

“The only organized opposition [to leftism] comes from within Judaism and Christianity,” Prager said. “The Orthodox Jew, the faithful Mormon, the traditional Catholic, and the Evangelical Protestant, these are the only organized opponents to leftism, and they know it, and they will do anything they can to suppress it.”

Ultimately, our nation, as it was founded, is under attack. Our Founding Fathers placed specific protections that would protect Christians, Jews, and other religious followers from discrimination. However, today the secularists and leftists are actively working to drive people of faith out of the public arena. Currently, it can be seen profoundly in the Democrat party arena, as their party has…

  • In 2012, removed God from their party platform
  • In 2016, their delegates heckled a preacher attempting to deliver a prayer during their national convention.
  • In 2017, Notre Dame law professor and mother of seven Amy Coney Barrett, was attacked by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) over her Christian beliefs, claiming that her faith was a reason to deny her confirmation to a judicial seat! In fact, she stated…

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s of concern.”

Also, over the past year, Democrats and their radical left-wing ideologues have waged war on Christian owned businesses like Hobby Lobby, Chic-fil-A, Christian bakers who wouldn’t bake a cake for gay weddings due to religious beliefs, and countless other businesses and people of faith!

In 2017, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) viciously attacked Russell Vought, the president’s nominee to be deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, because of his faith! Sanders even deemed Vought unstable for office because he believes that salvation is found alone through Jesus Christ. Sanders said that anyone with that belief system…

“really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”

Today, Democrats appear to have resurrected the religious inquisitions, as it seems that anyone who wants to strive for office, is now unqualified, so long as they are ‘believers in Jesus Christ’, or ‘members of a faith’! IF THAT ISN’T A RELIGIOUS TEST, WHAT WOULD YOU CALL IT!

Even the ‘Little Sisters of the Poor’ have been targeted by the left, as the radical left 9th Circuit Court went to the extreme of going against a Supreme Court ruling stating that Americans couldn’t be forced to pay for contraceptives, due to their religious beliefs. However, the 9th Circuit ruled that they are MANDATED TO VIOLATE THEIR BELIEFS AND PAY FOR CONTRACEPTIVES!

David Horowitz also pointed out in Frontpage Magazine…

For decades the Democratic Party has been advancing an ideology -“identity politics” -that erases individuals and their accountability in favor of race and gender tribes who are situated in an imaginary hierarchy of oppression. Membership in these tribes defines an individual’s status as oppressor or oppressed – evil or good – predetermining their innocence or guilt. We witnessed this in the public lynching of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, where congressional Democrats acted as prosecutors on behalf of a self-confessed liar Christine Blasey Ford, who also happened to be a pro-abortion Democrat and Trump-hater with every reason to crucify Trump’s nominee even though she couldn’t remember where the alleged crime took place, or when, or who was present to support her testimony. We have seen the totalitarian agendas of identity politics on our university campuses, where conservatives have been systematically purged from the faculties, conservative ideas expunged from the curricula, and conservative visitors blocked from speaking lest their viewpoints get a reasonable hearing and corrupt impressionable minds.

Unfortunately, as communists and socialists have worked diligently to take power, religious bigotry and hate have consumed almost an entire political party, but it has infiltrated the bowels of our nation! They have now resorted to violating Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution, which states that there “shall be no religious test” for any American seeking to serve in public office, but so far, no-one has held the bigoted and hate-filled Progressives accountable. Now, the left is using their power to implement a ‘religious test’ so they can pack the courts with anti-Semitic, anti-Christian ideologues.

Today, our nation has a war brewing within the halls of Congress, within our Judiciary, within our political parties, in big-tech companies like Google and YouTube, Social Media giants like Twitter and Facebook, and throughout the bowels of our nation. Therefore, Christians, Jews, and defenders of liberty and our Constitution will be defending themselves from the incessant hate, anti-Semitism, anti-Christian rank and file. Sadly, it is a war that could drone on for years to come, and ultimately until God chooses to intervene in the stupidity and hypocrisy that has not only been embraced by human beings, but it has been exacerbated by the imperfections and weaknesses of mankind as a whole!