By: Brian Evans

Last Friday, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson appeared on Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends, as he weighed in on the controversy surrounding President Trump’s comments about the plight of Baltimore under Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), especially his comments that the city was “rat and rodent-infested”.

In the segment, Dr. Carson expressed agreement with the President, as he said, everyone…

“needs to acknowledge it is a ‘problem”

Dr. Carson went on to express his outrage, that people continually use the race card, for the President calling out the problems, and trying to hold people accountable for their actions!

Dr. Carson said…

“The first thing we have to do is acknowledge that it’s a problem. Everybody needs to acknowledge that. And, you know, we have gotten to a situation in our country now where when you hold people responsible, you know, they don’t like it, they call you a racist.

It kind of reminds you, if you have children, you are raising them, and you have one that chronically doesn’t carry out their chores, do their responsible thing, and you call them out for it, and they say, ‘You like him better than you like me.’ Basically, the same kind of thing that’s going on here. And instead of doing that, you know, people need to be willing to work together.”

In addition, Dr. Carson added that his visit to the city revealed that a lot of people live in “Squalor”, and the people of Baltimore are “suffering.” He added that he would like to help the young of Baltimore attain skills, get employed, and “move up the economic ladder,” as they work to clean up the city!

In all, it will be a tall task, but ignoring the problem and hoping that Socialism will fix the problems, as with Rep. Cummings, will lead to nothing other than greater poverty, higher crime, and heartache and misery for the people of Baltimore! Now, as President Trump and his Administration shine a light on the problem, just maybe we can solve the problems and help ACTUAL AMERICAN CITIZENS, who desperately want to reach for a better life for themselves and their children, to learn a skill, gain employment, and rebuild a city that today resembles that of a third world nation, rather than an American city!