By: Brian Evans

This week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s official campaign account was suspended by Twitter, after radical leftists threatened to kill the Majority Leader, and posted the threats that he was receiving on Twitter. The Gateway Pundit reported…

Twitter suspended Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s official campaign account on Wednesday for defending themselves against a violent mob calling for McConnell to be murdered.

Angry far left protesters gathered outside of Mitch McConnell’s home on Monday night.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is recuperating at his home in Kentucky after he fell down and broke his shoulder.

The mob leader was screaming, “F*ck Mitch!” on a bullhorn and said she hopes “someone just stabs the motherf*cker”

McConnell’s official bluecheck account posted video of the mob threatening the Republican Senator and Twitter sprung into action and locked the account for ‘violating the terms of service violent threats policy.’

“This morning, Twitter locked our account for posting the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell,” McConnell’s campaign manager Kevin Golden told the Daily Caller.

Golden pointed out that Twitter allowed the hashtag #MassacreMitch to trend over the weekend, “but locks our account for posting actual threats against us.”

“We appealed and Twitter stood by their decision, saying our account will remain locked until we delete the video,” he said.

Not only is Twitter election meddling, they are also protecting violent leftists and punishing its victims.

Sadly, Twitter’s suspension of McConnell’s account is just the latest example of the trend of Big Tech censoring conservative voices!

Now, in response to Twitters politically motivated censorship, Jesse Hunt, a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (NRSC) stated to The Hill

“Twitter’s hostile actions toward Leader McConnell’s campaign are outrageous and we will not tolerate it. The NRSC will suspend all spending with Twitter until further notice. We will not spend our resources on a platform that silences conservatives.”

Parker Hamilton Poling, who is the executive director of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), also stated

“I have directed the @nrcc to immediately halt all spending with @Twitter until they correct their inexcusable targeting of @Team_Mitch. We will stand firmly with our friends against anti-conservative bias.”

In addition, Senator Cruz also tweeted his support for boycotting Twitter spending, saying that his campaign will be following suit and linking to a petition to stop the bias against conservatives.

As of Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s account was still locked!