By: Brian Evans

Sadly, the Democrat Party has ratcheted up their utter hatred for the President and his supporters, as they have not only allowed, but openly called for confronting President Trump, his supporters, and even Republican members of Congress, in restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations, and even their own homes! Their rage has spilled over to their constituents, as the Washington Examiner ran the headline

“Democrats hate Trump more than they hate racism”

Now, Summit News has even reported that leftists have begun hanging up posters around New York City, as they call for “Death Camps For Trump Supporters”…

Summit News reported…

The photos were taken by a member of the Shock Theater collective, a group that lays on haunted house tours and horror scenarios, but the company said it was not responsible for creating or posting the fliers.

Suffolk County police said they weren’t alerted to the fliers, which now appear to have been removed.

Just remember; Love trumps hate!

Sadly, New York City is just one incident of how the radical left has expanded their hate and violence against those who dare think for themselves, and that goes against the left-wing Socialist agenda!

WHERE IS THE CONDEMNATION FROM THE LEFT AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA? Sadly, it likely won’t be coming any time soon, since it is their own rhetoric and hate, which is propelling this type of attitude and disdain for our fellow man, our fellow American people, and for our Constitutional Republic!