By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday, Breitbart News caught MSNBC running a chyron at the bottom of the screen that read “TRUMP-INSPIRED TERRORISM” during a discussion over the El Paso, Texas mass shooting at Wal-Mart!

It occurred on ‘The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, as Breitbart noted that…

The context for the chyron was the appearance of a guest, Professor David Schanzer, who published an op-ed in the UK Guardian under the headline: “We must call the El Paso shooting what it is: Trump-inspired terrorism.”

O’Donnell did not question the premise of Schanzer’s article, but rather asked him to elaborate upon it: “Establish for us what you see as the link between Donald Trump’s rhetoric, Donald Trump’s hate speech, and what happened in El Paso.”

The MSNBC host never challenged his guest’s view or expressed any doubt about its premise, nor did he show any concern that it might be inflammatory.

Instead, he allowed Schanzer to recite a laundry list of claims about Trump’s rhetoric. The professor concluded: “This is what highly ideological terrorist organizations do to motivate their followers to violence.”

O’Donnell then asked his guest “how much more of this kind of violence might we see in the next 15 months of the presidential campaign,” given Trump’s rhetoric.

At no point did O’Donnell or his guest note that the El Paso shooter allegedly claimed that he had arrived at his racist ideas many years before Trump’s presidential campaign.

Sadly, MSNBC like much of the Mainstream Media, have become more of an arm of the Democrat Party, leaving their so-called news to be more of a propaganda outlet that resonates the left-wing talking points, rather than actual newsworthy information!

Ultimately, it is sad that while 22 people were killed this past week and dozens injured, Democrats have simply used the tragedy to try and score political points, as well as, fundraise off of the victim’s tragedies, rather than solve the growing mental health epidemic that is plaguing our nation!