By: Brian Evans

If there is one thing I have learned, President Trump’s tweets are not random or irrationally focused! In fact, President Trump carefully crafts his tweets to get the desired reaction, or bring about a conversation that nobody wants to talk about, especially the Democrats! In fact, while the Democrats try to change the subject, or write off his tweet about Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings, to bring about a conversation concerning the Socialist policies that Democrats have increasingly implemented over the recent years! Meanwhile, as the Democrats and Mainstream Media refuse to call out the repercussions of their policies, the people of Baltimore, San Francisco, Chicago, and other Democrat-controlled cities that have led to rampant poverty, unemployment, dilapidated homes, out-of-control crime, and a desperate population!

Regardless, instead of admitting these rotting cities need help, Democrats attack the President as a racist, for pointing out the obvious! In fact, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld pointed out their hypocrisy so eloquently, as he wrote

Once again, the media is calling President Trump racist, this time for exposing the obvious: Baltimore’s Democratic machine has failed the city.

After decades of doing what big-city Democrats do so well — running their cities into the ground — Baltimore is crime-ridden, drug-ridden and rodent-ridden.

But now the media really cares about Baltimore, because Trump tweeted!

Meanwhile, what else is our racist president up to?

  • He’s about to execute a white supremacist.
  • He’s trying to free a black rapper from a foreign jail.
  • He’s presided over historic levels of low unemployment among minorities.
  • He’s pushing prison reform that directly benefits families of black men.
  • He calls out absent leaders of a city where minorities are the main victims of crime and blight.

It’s the liberal machine inflicting the suffering. No wonder they want Trump to shut up about it.

Wow, Trump sucks as a bigot.

But the press deems any criticism of a “politician of color” racist.

Of course, what’s really racist is that kind of pandering.

Was Trump’s attack on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio just days ago also racist?

As always, Trump hits everyone — 600 targets on Twitter alone. Still, the media claims he targets only minorities.

I guess that makes the BBC racist too! “If you wanted to know what poverty in America looks like, well, this is it,” the network said in one broadcast featuring Baltimore. “Incredibly, this entire block here is pretty much made up of dilapidated, abandoned houses. Incredibly, some people still are living in between this, though.”

Ugh, racism with an accent.

Baltimore’s mayor wasn’t much better.

“What the hell? We should just take all this [stuff] down,” then-Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said during a 2018 tour of the city. “You can smell the rats … you can smell the dead animals.”

Then there was also the New York Times claiming Baltimore’s hell is one “few American cities have seen in years.”

I wish. Sadly, more than a “few American cities” have: Los Angeles, Oakland, Detroit, St. Louis.

What do they have in common?

It’s the liberal machine inflicting the suffering.

No wonder they want Trump to shut up about it.

Meanwhile, as the Democrats and their Mainstream Media refuse to admit a hard truth about how their Socialist policies have bankrupted and sank some of the cities in America from the land of prosperity, into ‘third world’ status, the people of those cities suffer, many not knowing how to fix those problems! In fact, Democrats have for years, used their massive get out the vote army of Socialists and free transportation, in order to get those desperate for help, to vote! Meanwhile, they mislead those desperate citizens, and convince them that if they refuse to vote for Democrats again, their plight will only get worse! Sadly, they have created a horrendous cycle, and a submissive voting base, as they continue to mislead and deceive those who are the most desperate!

Fortunately, we have a President who is using every resource to bypass a Media who hide the truth, and instead spread false promises and propaganda to maintain power for the Political, Social, and Economic Elites! Now, President Trump is getting out the truth and working to get the message out to not only Middle America, but into the cities, neighborhoods, and the most desperate in America, who are suffering at the hands of the Democrats who have imposed Socialism on the most desperate and impressionable in the United States of America!