By: Brian Evans

On Friday, reports began to be released that revealed that not only did Hillary Clinton and the DNC destroy evidence in regards to her criminal case, but the Obama Administration’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, led by then-Director James Comey, actually assisted Clinton in her efforts to bleachbit and smash hard drives, in order to make evidence in the criminal case against her disappear!

FrontPageMag reported on Friday the information related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation and coverup, where they revealed…

In breaking news, the American Center for Law and Justice or ACLJ (Jay Sekulow’s organization, not related to his role as the President’s attorney), has obtained actual copies of the immunity agreements pertaining to Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson in the Hillary email scandal. This was a stunning litigation win, hard-fought after years of litigation by the ACLJ attorneys, who were unable to extract the documents through the normal FOIA processes, due to a lack of cooperation by the government.

In reviewing what the agreements uncovered, keep in mind that Cheryl Mills was Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff at the State Department and then bizarrely, she subsequently served as Clinton’s attorney, representing her in the email scandal. Heather Samuelson worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, and then became a Senior Advisor to her at the State Department, as well as the White House liaison. Somehow, she also became one of Clinton’s personal attorneys during the email scandal.

The immunity agreements issued by the government, were crafted so that the agencies could extract information from the parties, despite the fact that this is not necessary because DOJ has the power to require that the information be turned over. Clinton kept classified emails on a private server in violation of Federal law, and the immunity agreements reveal that both Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson were actively involved in the cover-up of these emails as well as in the destruction of evidence. According to Jordon Sekulow, Executive Director of the ACLJ, it is extremely unusual for someone involved in a criminal cover up, who needs an immunity deal to ensure the evasion of jail time, later becomes the attorney representing the other potential criminal or co-conspirator.

Subsequently, Mills and Samuelson finally gave the computers over to the FBI, which per their agreements, limited the FBI’s investigation. The FBI agreed to limit a) the method by which the emails investigated would be obtained; b) the scope of files which would be investigated, and c) the timeframe parameters for investigated emails. In other words, the FBI agreed in the immunity contracts not to do a full investigation on the Clinton emails. To make matters worse, again, per the immunity agreements, the FBI agreed to destroy the computers that had the back-up emails.  As Congressman Jim Jordan referenced during the Mueller hearings recently, the FBI used bleachBit to purge the server so the information could never be accessed in the future and used hammers to smash the cell phones involved. In other words, the FBI and DOJ participated in the destruction of the evidence.  In effect, this constitutes is a conspiracy between the Obama DOJ (under Loretta Lynch) and the Comey-led FBI to cover up Clinton’s crimes.

Then, within a few weeks of the bleach bitting and smashing of harddrives, leaving data destroyed, Then-Director James Comey announced that the FBI would not be pressing charges against Hillary Clinton or her accomplices!

Ultimately, this is likely just one of the biggest scandals in United States History, along with the weaponizing of the intelligence agencies by the Democrat Party and the Obama Administration, in order to destroy a duly-elected President of the United States…Donald J. Trump!

In the coming weeks, Inspector General Harowitz is set to release a ton of data on the foundations of the infamous Steele Dossier, as well as the motivating factors that were instrumental in starting the now obvious left-wing witch hunt against President Trump, which was designed to remove him from office, and seat a left-wing political puppet in his place!

In all, it now appears that the Obama Administration, from top to bottom, was one of the most corrupt and the most devastating Administrations for our Constitutional Republic, in the history of America!