By: Brian Evans

Already, the left-wing radicals in Hollywood have made it clear that they no longer care about the ‘rule of law’, nor do they care about the American’s that they claim to be fighting for! That is unless those Americans are willing to put the interests of the Hollywood Elitists first, over their own beliefs, interests, and their own vote!

In fact, on Wednesday, left-wing wacko and Elitist Bette Midler tweeted out…

If President Trump tweeted a photo and called black people a “background”, it would outrage the radical Marxist left, but apparently, racism can only be applied to the those who refuse to defend and push for Socialism and Marxism today!

One woman responded to Bette Midler’s hypocritical Tweet by stating

“I guess an old, white woman like yourself gets to decide what and how black people should believe and vote.”

Ultimately, the radical left no longer cares about right or wrong, or about the interests of Americans, whether they are black or white, male or female, homosexual or straight! Instead, they care about their own power, their own wealth, and as a result, they subscribe to the Marxist agenda!