By: Brian Evans

Last week in New York City, Vice President Joe Biden laid out an extensive foreign policy vision, as he tried to contrast his differences to President Trump’s America First agenda!

Biden began his remarks by stating…

“In 2019, foreign policy is domestic policy, in my view, and domestic policy is foreign policy. They’re deeply connected. A deeply connected set of choices we make about how to advance the American way of life and our vision for the future.”

Then, Biden turned and directed an attack on President Trump, as he called the President’s strong-willed stance regarding his ‘America First’ agenda…


Biden then began to attack President Trump’s resoundingly successful foreign policy negotiations with apparently North Korea, Iran, and Russia, an…

“embrace of dictators!”

He added that it had ruined America’s standing in the eyes of other nations. Meanwhile, Biden said that his first action as President would be to strengthening democracy, and reverse course on numerous foreign diplomatic fronts, which President Trump has been advancing.

In addition, Biden said his Administration would remake the U.S. education system, expand the Voting Rights Act, reform the criminal justice system, and implement more transparent campaign finance laws. He stated…

“We have to prove to the world the United States is prepared to lead, not just by the example of our power but by the power of our example.”

Then, the 2020 Democrat candidate said that he would work to improve “America’s moral leadership” by a new open-border policy, through the elimination and relaxation of asylum laws, as well as, creating protection and safeguards for illegal aliens! As a result, he claims it would make a more moral America, even though it would decimate the United States economy, destroy the middle and poorer classes in America, and end American sovereignty! Apparently, it would be moral for corporate America and the political classes, but not the American people!

Then, Biden vowed to reverse President Trump’s abortion policies, and funnel United States taxpayer money, so that it would fund abortion providers, and as a result, re-expand the mass extermination of babies, especially for poorer Americans and minorities throughout the United States! However, Biden didn’t stop there, as he pledged to re-establish the United States taxpayer funding of abortions overseas! STILL, SOMEHOW, BIDEN CALLS THAT THE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF MORALITY!!!

Biden went on and stated…

“The challenge of following this disastrous presidency will not be just to restore the reputation of our credibility. It will be to enact a forward-looking foreign policy for the world as we find it today and as we anticipate it will be tomorrow and years to come.”

Joe Biden then expounded on his 2020 platform, as he outlined what he called his “forward-looking global agenda,” which would involve renewed cooperation with globalist nations to tackle terrorism, cyber warfare, and nuclear proliferation! However, Biden failed to differentiate how this part of his agenda was different from President Trump’s, except he added climate change policies to the top of his list of priorities, which would stymie and reverse all economic gains that President Trump has presided over, as well as, do nothing for the actual environment! In fact, climate change proponents like Biden fail to be able to even note one provable benefit to the environment that left-wing Socialist and Marxist climate change policies have given to the earth! Conversely, President Trump has pushed for environmental protection, which has garnered little attention from the Mainstream Media, while they have conflated climate change!

In reality, Breitbart News reported

Climate change is also an abstract phenomenon, one whose effects — assuming even the worst-case models are true — will be relatively mild compared to other threats the planet faces. The dangers of polluted air, water, and soil — the historical focus of the Environmental Protection Agency — are usually more direct.

When it diverts time, energy, and money from these problems (which it can solve) to climate change (which it cannot solve), the EPA puts the environment at greater risk. “We’ve refocused the EPA back on its core mission,” Trump said on Monday, and he listed several examples: aggressive cleanup of Superfund hazardous waste sites; tightening drinking water standards; tackling the problem of lead-contaminated dust; restoring the Everglades; and signing legislation to deal with the damage of red tides.

Second, Trump supported the conservationist vision of Gifford Pinchot — the idea that the natural environment exists for human benefit, and that natural resources should be used responsibly. (The more dominant view among today’s environmentalists is that of John Muir, who championed preservation — the idea that the environment exists for its own sake, and that humans should keep it as pristine as possible.) Trump argued for opening federal lands and forests to careful use, rather than locking them away in perpetuity.

Trump used both “conservation” and “preservation”: “In the proud tradition of conservation that the Republican Party inherits from Teddy Roosevelt, we will preserve this land for our magnificent people,” he said. “That’s what we’re doing; we’re preserving our land. We’re making our land better and cleaner and safer.” Trump has, in fact, set aside some public lands. But he has also opened more lands to hunting, fishing, and recreation. He has also opened forests to responsible logging, partly to control wildfires.

Third, Trump made the point that not only is economic growth compatible with environmental stewardship, but went further, saying that growth is better for the environment. That runs counter to environmentalist orthodoxy, which holds that most economic activity is inherently damaging to our planet. He explained: “When we innovate, produce, and grow, we’re able to unleash technologies and processes that make the environment better while … taking [production] away from foreign polluters, and back to American soil.”

As an example, Trump cited the fact that America’s “energy-related carbon emissions have declined more than any other country on Earth” because of innovation in the energy sector, especially fracking for natural gas — which the environmentalists and the Obama administration opposed. Trump did not reject renewables — he supported solar energy, for example, alongside nuclear energy and other sources — but placed his confidence in economic growth and innovation, not in the heavy hand of government regulation.

Trump and the other officials who spoke stressed that the choice “between economic growth and environmental protection” was a “false choice.” We have actually heard that before: President Barack Obama said it, numerous times (here and here, for example). But Obama argued that we could have both environmental protection and economic growth only if we accepted growth would come from government-subsidized renewable energy, within a highly regulated economy — in other words, under fanciful constraints.

Obama’s vision for “green jobs” was utopian, an early version of the “Green New Deal” introduced by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and embraced by nearly every Democratic presidential candidate. (Though given that her plan calls for federal guarantees of high-paying jobs to everyone, including illegal aliens, perhaps a better name for it would be the “Red New Deal.)

The mainstream media, who are less reliable on this issue than any other (the UK Guardian, which is still printed on paper, now uses “climate emergency” rather than “climate change”), barely noticed the substance of the speech. National Public Radio claimed that Trump “made no mention of climate change,” failing to inform listeners that Trump spoke at length about the reduction in U.S. emissions. Axios treated the speech largely as a story of palace intrigue: why else would Trump talk about Democrats’ issue?

As Trump delivered his speech, Ocasio-Cortez was tweeting hysterically about the ongoing flooding in Washington, DC — hardly an unknown phenomenon — as if it were evidence that climate change is already destroying planet Earth, right on schedule. She and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced plans to introduce legislation this week to declare climate change a “national emergency” — but not enough of an emergency for her to stop flying to Puerto Rico or for Sanders to back emissions-free nuclear power.

Trump’s policy is grounded in reality — which is why it is more successful and sustainable, both politically and environmentally.


Regardless, Biden attacked the President’s policies, and his demand for other nations to step up and do their part, rather than expecting America and the American taxpayers to foot the military and economic role in the world! He also attacked the belief in putting ‘America First’ as President, as Joe Biden stated…

“American security, prosperity, and our way of life requires the strongest possible network of partners and alliances working alongside one another. Donald Trump’s brand of ‘America First’ has too often led to America alone.”

Then, Biden vowed to organize and host a “global summit for democracy” to renew “the spirit and shared purpose of the nations of the free world. He added that the goal of the summit would be to push countries to fight corruption, advance human rights, and fight back against authoritarianism, nationalism, and ill-liberal tendencies. He stated…

“We have to be honest about our friends that are falling short and forge a common agenda to address the greatest threats to our shared values. We’ll challenge the private sector, including the tech companies and social media giants, to make their own commitments,” he said. “I believe they have a duty to make sure their algorithm and platforms are not misused to sew division here at home or empower their surveillance states to be able to facilitate their oppression and censorship in China or elsewhere.”

However, those are the same claims and policies of the Obama Administration, which left America holding the bill for the world, while being less respected, and accomplishing nothing but heartache on the world stage, like Benghazi, and other catastrophes occurred during the Obama/Biden Administration!

As for the majority of Biden’s speech, it was primarily attacking the idea of ‘America First’, and its agenda, as he slammed the idea of putting the American workers over the global needs and interests! Biden stated…

“The world is not organized itself. If we do not shape the norms and institutions that govern relations among nations, rest assured that some nation will step into the vacuum, or no one will, and chaos will prevail. Let me be clear, working cooperatively with other nations to share our values and goals doesn’t make America as it seems to imply in this administration, suckers. It makes us more secure. Enables us to be more successful… No country, even one as powerful as ours, can go alone in the challenge of the 21st century. I respect no borders and cannot be contained by any walls.”

However, the President has been working more closely with other nations than any President in recent history, and  those who refuse to cooperate and threaten other nations, like Iran and North Korea, are feeling the pain, as they feel the full weight of the Trump Administrations might, combined with other nations around the world who have agreed to work cooperatively with the United States!

In fact, President Trump has gotten farther with China, North Korea, and Iran, than any President or Administration before, ESPECIALLY THE OBAMA/BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, who proved to be an utter failure at foreign policy!

Biden didn’t stop there though! In fact, after he attacked President Trump and his Administrations U.S./ Mexico border policy, by calling for open borders, he committed to leading an “effort to reimagine” America’s global priorities, in regards to Iran! For example, Biden said that he wanted to rejoin and re-establish the failed and dangerously designed Obama/Biden Iran Nuclear Deal, and vowed to extend the New Start Treaty between the United States and Russia, that his Administration enacted! Frighteningly, the Iran Deal would have removed sanctions in a few years, in exchange for handing over millions in financial relief and promised little oversight on their commitment to shutter their nuclear arsenal. In addition, the New START Treaty, which goes through 2021, was criticized by President Trump, as it allowed and continues to allow the dangerous nation of Russia to violate its parameters, regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, therefore, making that deal worthless, and DANGEROUS! Even more problematic, is the fact that Biden went on to state that he would further take the pressure off of Iran by ending U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, which would allow Iran to further expand its aiding and abetting terrorism throughout the Middle East, and around the globe!

Finally, Biden concluded his speech by attacking President Trump’s major accomplishments, including his progress with North Korea! Biden had stated before that Trump had fallen “in love with a murderous dictator in North Korea,” but now Biden says that he would also talk to the leader, and do a better job in teaming up with China, and getting North Korea to denuclearize! Amazing, since Biden has served in the Senate since 1972 until he became the Vice President under Barack Obama! Amazingly, President Trump has made more progress with North Korea and China in two years than Biden has done in 47 years! Regardless, Biden claims that if the American people give him four more years, he could do what he didn’t in the previous 47! In addition, President Trump has started bringing Iran to the table, as of this week, and without handing over 1.3 Billion in cash to buy off their alleged cooperation! Especially, since evidence the Iranians reneged on their deal, even before President Trump took office, then pocketing the money, and likely using a large part of it to support terror against our own troops and allies!

Regardless, Biden said…

“I will empower our negotiators to jumpstart a sustained coordinated campaign with our allies and others including China to advance our shared objective. It is a shared objective.”

However, that is exactly the same policy that President’s tried for years, only to get nowhere, while the rogue nations like North Korea, continued to expand their nuclear program while getting paid off by the US taxpayers!

Finally, Biden agreed with President Trump on bringing much of our troops home from the Middle East, while failing to note that he was one who supported the Afghanistan and Iraq wars! Biden said…

“It’s long past time we end the forever wars which have cost us untold blood and treasure. I have long argued that we should bring home the vast majority of our combat troops from the wars in Afghanistan and the Middle East and narrowly focus on our mission to deal with Al-Qaeda and ISIS in the region.”

In the end, one overwhelming theme is very clear with Biden! If he wins the Democratic nomination for President, his policy of reversing the course of President Trump’s many successful initiatives will not go over with the general population, especially the moderate voters! In addition, his open border policies, and his support for the radical ‘squad’ of hate-driven America-hating Democrats will not bode well for the Democrat Party or his own chances in the 2020 election against President Trump! Furthermore, Biden’s anti-American, pro-illegal immigration agenda, combined with a weak foreign policy platform, is not only a problem for America’s economy, but it is FLAT OUT DANGEROUS FOR THE UNITED STATES AMERICA AND ESPECIALLY WE THE PEOPLE!