By: Brian Evans

As the Democrat field of 2020 candidates continue to battle it out between one another, one of them has opened themselves up to intense criticisms, as they have openly admitted to targeting Americans who dared donate to Republican’s, especially President Trump!

The Gateway Pundit reported how not only did she target a prominent GOP donor, who was supported pro-Israel causes, but she and other Democrats pushed for the targeting of strictly Republican donors, in an apparent effort to suppress Republican fundraising for Congress and the Presidency! They wrote…

 Liz Sheld at American Greatness noticed a tweet from 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), where she takes credit for urging the Justice Department to open an investigation into a prominent Republican donor on the Trump Inauguration Committee.

Regardless of the merits of the case, it’s unseemly—and un-American—for Democrat politicians to use their Deep State friends in the US Attorney’s office to target their political opposition.

“Warren is now making a campaign issue of an investigation that she demanded of a political opponent who has yet to be charged with a crime, much less convicted,” RedState’s Streiff wrote about Warren’s tweet.

The Democrats’ aggressive targeting of Trump donors is an effort to frighten large contributors from funding the president’s 2020 campaign, non-profits or SuperPACS. They hope to use the threat of federal prosecution to starve their political opposition of money.

Of course, the double-standard is stark.

Sheld asks, “All of the sudden, offering inauguration tickets to people you know or work with merits a federal investigation? Whatever happened to the Clinton donors who spent the night in the Lincoln bedroom by the way? Or the foreign governments who donated to the Clinton Global Initiative when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State?”

Elliott Broidy, the top GOP donor who Warren has targeted, is Jewish and is well-known as a supporter of pro-Israel causes.

In addition, Jordan Schachtel of the Daily Wire pointed out that it isn’t a new revelation or ideological stance for Warren, as she recently hired the anti-Israel extremist Max Berger. The Pundit notes that…

Berger is a co-founder of a group that supports the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement that seeks the elimination of Israel. “Additionally,” Schachtel reports, “Berger has come under fire for expressing sympathy for the militant Palestinian terror group Hamas.”

Now, Elizabeth Warren even announced that she will push for an to end Israel’s “occupation” of the West Bank and Gaza, despite the fact that  Israel left Gaza in 2005.

In addition to targeting Americans who donate to opposing Party and ideological candidates, The Gateway Pundit reported how Elizabeth Warren has called the only Mainstream Media organization “Fox News” a “hate-for-profit” racket! The Pundit noted that…

Warren joined the tech giants in condemning opposing voices in the public square.
The tech giants for over two years now have been working 24 hours a day to eliminate popular conservative publishers and personalities.

Warren turned down a town hall on FOX News saying the organization is a “hate-for-profit” racket.

But Warren did not stop there. The far left senator went to Instagram to post more threats to FOX News.

Warren posted “Stop the Hate” in several images with photos of popular FOX News personalities.

The American left knows there FOX News is the one major media presence (along with OANN) that speaks the truth to the American people and is not just another far left echo chamber. The left has been going after FOX News for 20 years now but FOX News still dominates.

People want the truth and want FOX.

Already, it has been exposed how the now radicalized left have weaponized America’s national security apparatus’ for partisan gain, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI, and even state investigative arms! As a result, they have destroyed the lives of innocent Americans, and corrupted the organizations who were tasked with the protection of the American people, and their Constitutional rights and civil liberties!

Now, it appears, that the 2020 Democrat Presidential field, including Elizabeth Warren, are not only proponents of, but vowing to end the freedom of speech and the press, as well as, the civil liberties that are granted to ‘We the People’, under the Constitution of the United States of America!