By: Brian Evans

On Saturday, a group of illegal aliens charged the United States border, forcing the Customs and Border Protection Police to deploy tear gas and set up additional barriers, as it isn’t an isolated incident! In fact, it has become a growing problem for the CBP, as they put their lives on the line daily, to protect the American people!

Fox News reported

The incident at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge took place at around 4 a.m. The bridge is closed between midnight at 6 a.m., but CBP has had to construct temporary barriers in the middle of the span due to the large influx of migrants using the bridge at night.

A CBP official told Fox News the group attempted to rush across the bridge in three waves.

“Ignoring commands to stop, the group suddenly rushed the temporary barricades, bent metal poles and disabled the concertina wire affixed to the barrier,” the official said.

CBP officers, Border Patrol agents, Pharr police and members of the Texas Department of Public Safety were called upon to prevent the group’s entry, according to the official.

“Several males in the group disregarded commands to stop and physically pushed through the barriers,” the official said. “When confronted by CBP officers, the combative individuals began assaulting the officers by punching, kicking, and attempting to grab the officers’ protective devices.”

Two individuals were charged with interference and federal charges are pending against 14 others who were apprehended, the official said, adding that Mexican officials removed the remaining individuals from the bridge.

The bridge opened to commercial traffic at 8 a.m. after a two-hour delay.

The Trump administration has mandated that asylum seekers remain in Mexico while their cases are heard in an effort to slow the flow of mostly Central American migrants to the southern border. The White House also said this week it was banning migrants from seeking U.S. protections if they pass through another country first, though that rule has been challenged in court.

Those policies and others that make it hard to seek asylum have led some migrants to cross the border illegally out of desperation

The Mexican government announced plans this week to spend millions of dollars to improve migrant shelters and detention centers that house families, but in southern Mexico, far from the U.S. border.

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Also, in another report by ‘The Gateway Pundit’, they noted how illegal aliens were storming across the Texas border in “waves”, and assaulting Border Patrol Officers! They reported that the CBP said in a statement…

“A group of 47 undocumented individuals attempted to illegally enter the United States in three waves. Ignoring commands to stop, the group suddenly rushed the temporary barricades, bent metal poles and disabled the concertina wire affixed to the barrier.”

The GP went on to detail how…

Several Border Patrol Agents were assaulted and were forced to deploy tear gas and pepper balls in order to stop the invaders.

Nice to know we have “concertina wire” holding back violent illegal aliens rather than a real border wall.

The Mexican drug cartels control this entire area and Congress sits back and does nothing to stop them.

US authorities arrested 16 of the illegal aliens and the Mexican authorities took the remaining invaders into custody.

Ultimately, it is just more evidence that it is high time for Congressional Democrats to stop doing everything in their power to block President Trump’s efforts to build a wall and secure America’s southern border! It is time for them to stop being the problem, and help become part of the solution, for a change!