By: Brian Evans

Over the weekend, ENR reported on how President Trump finally called the “squad” out, for their radical, Marxist, agenda, as well as, their anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-American, and racist comments that they have made, since their election in 2016! The squad is comprised of Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Alyssa Pressley (D-MD), and ALL OF THEM HAVE MADE RACIST COMMENTS ABOUT EITHER JEWS, BLACKS, HISPANICS, WHITES, AND CHRISTIANS, and nobody has been willing to, or have been afraid to call out their hate…UNTIL NOW!

So many times, a great many Americans wonder exactly what the President is doing when he tweets, causing a firestorm of anger from the Democrats, but in reality, it is a stroke of genius, as President Trump is on to something. He knows that the Mainstream Media is going to hide the sins and evil statements made by these four hate-driven women on the ‘squad’! Regardless, in just a few words, President Trump started a firestorm, causing the left and their Mainstream Media to attack him, while at the same time, exposing the vile, hate-filled grotesque and anti-American statements that these vile women espouse!

Now, Democrats are asking for extra protection details for the lawmakers who are members of the ‘squad’, following the President’s criticisms of the radical extremists on the Democrat’s radical left-wing fringe!

Fox News reported

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie G. Thompson, D-Miss., was seeking extra protection for members of Congress on Monday after President Trump’s tweets and remarks about the progressive “squad.”

Trump’s remarks apparently were directed at four congresswomen: Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan. All are American citizens and three of the four were born in the U.S.

Far from backing down, Trump on Monday dug in on comments he had initially made a day earlier on Twitter that if lawmakers “hate our country,” they can go back to their “broken and crime-infested” countries.

The House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Bennie G. Thompson, D-Miss., right, is seeking extra protection for members of Congress. The letter is addressed to Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger, left, because, this year, he heads the Capitol Police Board.

“If you’re not happy in the U.S., if you’re complaining all the time, you can leave, you can leave right now,” he said.

In the letter for House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving and Senate Sergeant at Arms Michael Stenger, Thompson argued that the Capitol Police Board should meet to “analyze the current threat environment and set thresholds for enhanced safety of Members.”

Thompson asked for a meeting within 48 hours and a classified readout of the meeting.

The letter was addressed to Stenger because he has headed the Capitol Police Board this year.

Thompson said security officials should set “thresholds for enhanced security for certain targeted Members, and evaluate threat streams with law enforcement partners in Member districts. Being proactive in this instance is vital to the safety of not only these targeted Members but all Members of Congress.”

Fox News has been told that despite Thompson’s pleas, other lawmakers have faced more serious threats than members of the squad ahead of Trump’s tweets.

Interestingly, they fail to note that the members of the ‘squad’, have had fewer threats against them, than the Conservative members of government, which is due to the radical Mainstream Media’s propaganda, as well as, Democrat lawmakers who have repeatedly called non-Marxist and non-Socialist Conservatives hate-mongers, racists, xenophobes, homophobes, islamophobes, and so forth! However, as usual, the truth never seems to matter to the now radicalized left!

Town Hall reported

The most prominent liberals in America regularly accuse conservatives of being racist, sexist, Nazis, fascists who want children to die and are killing the planet and ruining the environment all because of their hate of the poor and minorities. Liberals today aim a nastier stream of propaganda at Republicans than America did at the Nazis; so is it any wonder that some people take the next logical step and become violent?

Meanwhile, you have plays, rap videos and prominent liberals glorifying the murder of the President, liberals applauding unrepentant terrorists like Bill Ayers, all while cops at left-wing universities stand back and allow violent students to riot, threaten and disrupt conservative speakers. We’re moving fast towards a point where clashes between armed gangs of thugs on both sides will leave people dead because liberals believe conservatives aren’t human beings and thus, don’t deserve the same protection under the law.

I’m not going to blame Bernie Sanders for the shooter who supported him or say that liberals and Democrats should be held personally responsible for it. The only person responsible for what the shooter did was the shooter. However, this sort of political violence is doomed to grow ever more common and bloodier unless liberal Democrats start changing the sort of rhetoric they engage in on a regular basis. Rhetoric like this…

1) “Michele (Bachmann), slit your wrist. Go ahead… or, do us all a better thing [sic]. Move that knife up about two feet. Start right at the collarbone.” — Montel Williams

2) “F*ck that dude. I’ll smack that f*cker’s comb-over right off his f*cking scalp. Like, for real, if I met Donald Trump, I’d punch him in his f*cking face. And that’s not a joke. Even if he did become president — watch out, Donald Trump, because I will punch you in your f*cking face if I ever meet you. Secret Service had better just f*cking be on it. Don’t let me anywhere within a block.”– Rapper Everlast on Donald Trump

Meanwhile, after several years of Mainstream Media been complicit in allowing racism and anti-Semitism to fester in the Democrat Party, but they have sown the seeds of hate, and fanned the flames with their vile and hate-filled words! They have both encouraged and promoted Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) racist, anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish words to taint and corrupt their ideals and words!

They have cheered Bernie Sanders, as he called the Israeli Government “Racist”, and Ilhan Omar, when she attacked Christianity and Judaism, calling ‘Jesus’ Palestinian, and not Jewish. Newsweek gave Ilhan Omar the royal treatment for her anti-Israeli stance! The Mainstream Media not only gave Ilhan Omar a pass when she referred to 9/11 Terror Attacks As “Some People Did Something” and told Muslims to “Raise Hell” and “Make People Uncomfortable”. The Mainstream Media even covered for Ilhan, as she held private fundraisers for terror-tied organizations, and as she pushed for the release of a radical Islamic Muslim Brotherhood leader from an Egyptian prison, despite his ties to terrorism! The Democrats and Mainstream Media even provided cover and defended Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), after she was caught defending an anti-Semitic group that called for the death for gays! Also, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) viciously attacked a highly respected American Diplomat and former U.S. Military soldier, purely based on racist idealism! Then, Omar (D-MN) joined in with the radical pro-communist nations of Russia, Cuba, And Iran in supporting the radical Socialist Venezuelan Dictator Maduro! 

Then, when Ilhan Omar was called out for her hate and racist beliefs, and while Democrats defended her, claiming she wasn’t anti-Semitic, Omar said that she has no ‘Allegiance’ to Israel! Still, the Democrats defended racism and anti-Semitism, as they justified Ilhan Omar’s Anti-Semitism by stating that her experiences as a refugee are ‘More Personal Than Holocaust Is To Jews’! Then, rather than once again condemning her hate and petulant racism, the Democrats not only remained complacent in condemning her anti-Semitism, but they actually perpetuated and took part in it, as they allowed Ilhan Omar to personally re-write the hate speech bill that was supposed to condemn her anti-Semitic remarks and actions, but instead she perverted it, and condemned Jews and Christians criticisms of Omar, over her racist rants!

Even after two years of the Mainstream Media attacking President Trump as a racist and anti-Semite, the radical Marxist publication known as the New York Times officially pulled their mask off in May of 2019, to reveal the newspapers true racist roots, as they not only posted a cartoon that attacks President Trump, but Jews as well! In fact, not only did they post a racist and anti-Semitic cartoon, but they copied the Nazi cartoon that was used as anti-Semitic propaganda during World War II…

Quickly after they published the anti-Semitic and Fascist cartoon, the New York Times came under immense criticisms and attacks! However, it is no wonder, being it not only embraces anti-Semitism, but it actually mimics the Nazi regime, who sought to exterminate the entire Jewish race through genocide!

The following is the Nazi Germany propaganda cartoon of “The Jew Leading Winston Churchill, Nazi Germany 1940″…

View image on Twitter

The following cartoon is the New York Times depiction of “The Jew leads @nytimes USA 2019…

View image on Twitter

Regardless of the sick and hate-filled meaning behind the cartoon, it passed through multiple layers of editors, fact-checkers, and publishers, and still made it to the presses! Apparently, nobody at the paper saw anything wrong with this cartoon depicting a blind kippah-wearing President Trump being led around by a dog depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, after criticism amassed and push came to shove, the newspaper issued a half-apology, even though it should have never published it, or even considered it appropriate! The New York Times said…

However, despite the New York Times claiming that the first cartoon was an accident, within a few days, they released yet another anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli cartoon, which depicts Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu wearing a robe and holding up what looks like a tablet with the Star of David on it. It depicts Netanyahu as a blind man holding a selfie stick while taking a photo of himself. This second racist cartoon further enraged Americans, citizens of Israel, and the Jewish people, as it continues to show massive similarities with the Nazi-Fascist regime, being they used similar cartoon characters of Jews, designed to stir anti-Semitic sentiments in Germany, and across the European continent!

The second cartoon was resoundingly criticized by the pro-Israel community, and even drew sharp criticisms by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) CEO Jonathan Greenblatt ripped the Times for printing it…

The Israel News Agency also condemned the remarks, as they said

Israel News Agency@Israel_News_INA

As @nytimes apologizes for one anti-semitic cartoon they publish yet another! This just appeared in international edition.

New York Times is inciting hate, violence and terrorism against the global Jewish community! @ADL @URJPresident @Daroff

Representative Bradley Byrne (R-AL) slammed the papers racist and ant-Semitic imagery, as he said on Breitbart News Sunday that…

“The New York Times has self-righteously been preaching to the rest of us for decades now about how awful the rest of us are and how wonderful they are and they come out with this cartoon–I’ve seen it, it is absolutely antisemitic. For them to put that out, and then they didn’t apologize initially until they got beat up about it, then they finally apologized for it. Look, the American people are seeing this stuff. They get it–they understand what’s going on. The New York Times, that editorial page, is off the charts liberal. They don’t represent the American people and they should quit preaching to them because they’ve proven they’re as bad as some of the worst stuff we’ve ever seen in this country about bigotry and antisemitism. I hope this is a wake-up call for them internally but I got to tell you, I’m real skeptical about that. They get on their high horses really quick. It may knock them off for a minute, but they’ll get right back on it.”

Today, it has become clear that the Democrats, and especially the “squad”, who has become the face of the Democrat Party, are the party of racism, anti-Semitism, division, Marxism, Socialism, and even atheism! They have turned their backs on America, the American people, and on God, in their effort to amass wealth and power into the hands of the Elitist few in Washington and boardrooms! Meanwhile, they use the power of psychological suggestion, to try and convince the American people that those like President Trump and Conservatives, are the evil ones, the racists, the anti-Semites, and the greedy and power-hungry ones, despite evidence showing otherwise!

Therefore, in the end, the Democrats and their left-wing Marxist allies can throw hate-filled accusations against President Trump and Conservatives! They can call him a racist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, a sexist, and an anti-Semite, but it isn’t Trump who exudes racism, but instead it is the Mainstream Media, and the Democrat Party, especially those in the Democrat “squad”, who have taken off their mask of deception, only to reveal that it is they, who are the true anti-Semites, the true racists, xenophobes, homophobes, and hate-filled lunatics! It is the Marxist based Fascists on the left, like AOC, Omar, Pressley, and Tlaib, who continually try to project their racism and hate, onto anyone who dares defy their Socialist and Communist ends! Furthermore, those like Nancy Pelosi and her fellow colleagues are just as guilty, in that they refuse to condemn their actions, their words, and their hate, and instead embrace their despicable anti-American and racist intent!