By: Brian Evans

During Kamala Harris’ campaign for President, the Democrat candidate has called for not only reparations for blacks, that are to be paid for by the descendants of slave owners, as she lashed out at ‘white Americans’! However, new evidence has surfaced, which has been verified by Kamala Harris’ own father, which demonstrates that her own ancestors owned a slew of slaves in Jamaica!

Kamala Harris and her Democrat colleagues have used the issue to attack ‘White Americans’, and even recently attacked Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel, as they cited an NBC News report that detailed how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s great-great-grandfathers, who resided in Alabama, owned slaves in the 1800s.

McConnell responded by pointing out that former President Barack Obama’s family ancestors once owned slaves as well, as he stated…

“You know, I find myself once again in the same position as President Obama. We both oppose reparations, and we both are the descendants of slaveholders.”

Ironically, now the Washington Free Beacon reported that upon doing a search of archives in Jamaica, they found out that Kamala Harris’ own ancestors owned tons of slaves, as they reported that…

“a research archive of Jamaican records indicate that at one point in 1817, Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves. The majority were brought in from Africa, though he also owned many Creole slaves.”

The Free Beacon added that in doing their research in the Jamaican archives, they found that at one point in 1817, Hamilton-Brown owned a large number of slaves, who were brought in from Africa, and some who were Creole as well.

In addition to the findings of the Free Beacon, Kamala Harris’ father, who is a professor in the Stanford University economics department, wrote an essay titled “Reflections of a Jamaican Father,” which details how their family is descendant of an Irishman who owned and ran a slave plantation in Jamaica! He added that…

“My roots go back, within my lifetime, to my paternal grandmother Miss Chrishy (née Christiana Brown, descendant of Hamilton Brown who is on record as plantation and slave owner and founder of Brown’s Town.”

In all, it is a simple twist of irony, as the Democrat Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris (D-CA), has attacked and depicted whites as evil, and called for them to pay reparations to the African slave descendants, in her effort to increase the distribution of wealth from whites to blacks! Harris spoke about the disparity of white and black Americans, as she stated …

“We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities.”

Regardless, Kamala Harris, as well as much of the Democrat Party, have ignored their own past, focused on race-baiting, and worked to divide American and the American people, rather than bring the American people together!

Apparently, Kamala Harris, as well as the Democrat Party as a whole, should be looking at the fact that it was the Democrats who were pro-slavery, while Republicans were against! Maybe they should look at the fact that EVERY REPUBLICAN SUPPORTED THE CIVIL RIGHTS FOR BLACKS, WHILE EVERY DEMOCRAT OPPOSED THEM! Maybe they should look at the fact that it was the Democrat Party who hid under the hoods of the KKK, while Republicans were attacked for protecting black Americans! Furthermore, Harris and the Democrat Party should perhaps be looking into the history of her own families, rather than attacking Americans, many of whom had nothing to do with the slavery movement that was perpetrated by the left!