By: Brian Evans

Following the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT) win on Sunday, major left-wing pro-Marxist groups began to be drawn out of the woodwork, as they began pushing for so-called equal pay, between the men’s and women’s teams in soccer!

In fact, it drew the big guns, as the left-wing pro-Marxist publication known as ‘The Guardian’ reported that a George Soros-funded liberal advocacy group, has launched a petition seeking equal pay between the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams. In fact, the Guardian reported that the USWNT players can only receive a maximum payout of $260,869 for advancing to and winning the World Cup, but their male counterpart can earn $1,114,429. The left-wing groups also point out that the men have never won a World Cup, whereas the women, have won it four times! The left chalks it up to sexism, but is that truly what is behind the difference in pay!

In reality, the reasoning for the pay disparity has little to do with gender identity and discrimination, and a lot more to do with economic reasoning!

Though, the reasoning for that pay disparity has a lot less to do with gender discrimination and a lot more to do with simple economics.

Forbes reported that…

As Dwight Jaynes pointed out four years ago after the U.S. women beat Japanto capture the World Cup in Vancouver, there is a big difference in the revenue available to pay the teams. The Women’s World Cup brought in almost $73 million, of which the players got 13%. The 2010 men’s World Cup in South Africa made almost $4 billion, of which 9% went to the players.

The men still pull the World Cup money wagon. The men’s World Cup in Russia generated over $6 billion in revenue, with the participating teams sharing $400 million, less than 7% of revenue. Meanwhile, the Women’s World Cup is expected to earn $131 million for the full four-year cycle 2019-22 and dole out $30 million to the participating teams.

In other words, the women’s payout will be more than 20 percent of total revenues during the 2019-2022 window, more than three times that of the men.

The Wall Street Journal noted that…

the USWNT has earned slightly more money than the men…$50.8Million to $50.9Million, and all while the women are more successful. However, the women rake in a higher percentage of the profits made at the World Cup than the men, meaning that the women’s team gets paid more, percentage-wise. However, because the men’s team is more popular by fans, the men’s soccer rakes in higher profits, resulting in higher pay for the men.

Regardless of the actual economic facts, the Marxist-Based George Soros-funded started a petition that seeks 75,000 signatures, and garnered 61,433, as of June 28th, 2019!

The Guardian released the article titled…

“Revealed: the $730,000 gender pay gap in US World Cup bonuses”

The left-wing Guardian’s story started out by stating that…

The US women’s team have earned $90,000 in bonuses for reaching the World Cup quarter-finals, a sum that would be six times higher were they entitled to the same bonus structure as their men’s counterparts

The US women’s national team hasn’t even played in the quarter-final of the Women’s World Cup yet, but the players who helped the US qualify and are in France have each already earned $90,000 in bonuses, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.

Yet, if the US women were entitled to the same World Cup bonuses as the US men’s national team, their rewards would already be six times larger. The women would’ve already earned around $550,000 each, even with nearly half of the Women’s World Cup left to play.

That’s because the men earn more across the board in World Cup bonuses from US Soccer and, on top of that, they are also entitled to a set of bonuses the women don’t get, such as $4.5m to be shared among the players if the men advance to the knockout round of the World Cup.

The chasm in potential earnings for progressing beyond the last eight only widens from there.

However, the left-wing Guardian, as noted before, conveniently fails to explain the actual economics behind the pay variance, but instead works to make it into a sexism issue, rather than an economics-based issue! In fact,’The Guardian’, simply buried the truth, as they hid the reasoning for the pay difference, and it HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH GENDER!

Women's World Cup Final - United States v Netherlands - Groupama Stadium, Lyon, France - July 7, 2019 Megan Rapinoe of the U.S. celebrates with the trophy with team mates after winning the Women's World Cup REUTERS/Denis Balibouse

Even within the Guardian article, buried deep within the story, the left-wing publication even admits that upon a closer look, the analysis reveals that…

women actually are paid far more than the men, in terms of the percentage of prize money FIFA doles out for World Cup tournaments, and that women are offered a fixed salary of $100,000 which supplements the bonus system, while men are not.

The Guardian article even notes in the second to last paragraph that the women are paid 124% of Fifa’s prize money if they win the tournament, while men are paid 24%. The difference in pay comes down to the vastly different sums FIFA pays out to the winner. In 2018, FIFA made $400 million available to men playing in the World Cup, compared to just $30 million to women.

The Guardian reports…

But if Fifa prize money is the basis for most of the bonuses US Soccer provides the players, the federation is wiling to overpay the women – but only as long as they win the World Cup. US Soccer’s $9.4m bonus for the men’s team if they win the World Cup is 24% of Fifa’s $38m in prize, whereas US Soccer’s bonus of $2.5m for the women’s team if they win the World Cup is around 126% of Fifa’s prize money offered when the USWNT’s CBA was signed in 2017. (Fifa has since increased the women’s prize money from $2m for the World Cup winner to $4m.)

Now, it has been revealed that the women’s team filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation for what they say is a pay gap, which is based on institutionalized sexism. In addition, the Guardian notes that the women’s soccer team…

are not using current bonus figures in the lawsuit, making the gap seem to appear larger. In fact, the bonus paid out to women for helping the team qualify for the World Cup more than doubled from $30,000 in the last World Cup to $75,000 under the latest contract.

Attorney’s note that the central aspect of the women’s team’s lawsuit, centers around the gap in compensation between the men and women, even though the women paid a much larger portion of the profits! Regardless, the lawsuit ignores the percentages and focuses strictly on dollar for dollar profits, regardless of game attendances, etc.! In addition, the United States Soccer Association have given the women fixed salaries, but have not offered that deal to the male soccer team players! Therefore, unlike the women’s team players, the men are dependent on bonuses, and as with the female players, their bonuses have grown in recent years, resulting in the women garnering a $110,000.00 bonus per player, in addition to other bonuses like a $30,000.00 bonus for qualifying for the  World Cup, and their $100,000.00 salary!

Another interesting thing to note, is that…

the women’s bonuses have also grown over the years, and their current CBA offers their largest bonuses yet, where before, a player would earn a total of $30,000 if she helped the US qualify for the World Cup and were named to the final tournament roster, whereas today, that has been increased to $75,000. In addition, winning the World Cup is now is worth $110,000 per player, as compared to $75,000 before! However, their current lawsuit doesn’t note the current pay and bonuses, but instead cites their old pay scale!

In addition, the lawsuit notates that the women make a quarter of what the men would, if they qualified for and won the World Cup! However, it doesn’t take into account the amount of revenue that the men’s team brings in for US Soccer, as compared with the women’s soccer game revenue!

Ultimately, the soccer federation pays women a higher percentage of revenues than the men’s team, as they have tried to prevent such lawsuits from occurring! Therefore, the only real way to make the men’s and women’s teams equal in pay would be to find a way to increase the attendance and viewership of the women’s games, as to equal the attendance of the men’s games! That way advertisers would be more willing to invest in women’s soccer, and revenues would go up dramatically as a result! However, in today’s world of sue everyone, while citing discrimination, it is likely to drive revenues down, as the American people grow tired and sick of everyone claiming racism, sexism, and discrimination at every turn, regardless of facts!