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REPORT: 95,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in Texas, According to State Officials

By: Brian Evans

It was reported that in January, that as a result of countless Texas State officials manpower hours, sifting through voter rolls, voter registration files, and the backgrounds of alleged registrants, it has now been discovered that in Texas alone, more than 95,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in elections, and many are believed to have voted in recent elections, since 1996!

The Texas Secretary of State David Whitley, said that of the 95,000 non-citizens registered, 58,000 have voted in one or more elections since 1996, as more than half of those reported are believed to have cast ballots in at least one election.

Currently, the investigation is ongoing by Secretary of State and the Texas Department of Public Safety, as they investigate voter fraud!

WFAA reported that…

The Secretary of State’s office found those numbers by collecting current DPS data of people who have applied for a driver’s license or state identification card in the last five years with a green card or visa. The investigators then cross-referenced that data with people who are registered to vote.

The Secretary of State’s office sent the information to the state attorney general’s office, which will decide whether to pursue voter fraud charges. The attorney general’s office has prosecuted 130 cases of voter fraud since 2005.

In August, WFAA reported that hundreds of non-citizens had been discovered as registered voters and that the secretary of state’s office was working to improve its voter database to determine the exact number of non-citizens registered.

The investigation is ongoing…



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