By: Brian Evans

As the day’s progress, and the 2020 election approaches, it appears the now radical left-wing Democrats who run and support the Democrat Party are no longer afraid to exhibit their utter hate and disgust for our great American nation! In fact, Teen Vogue, a magazine that targets the youth in America, took to Twitter and stated…

“Racism and patriotism go hand in hand”

It was said, as they shared a May 15th article, that attacked America’s well-known anthems, and said that they are rooted in racism! The Teen Vogue article was titled…

The Racist History of America’s Patriotic Anthems,’

It discusses popular anthems that have been performed over the course of American history, including “The Star-Spangled Banner,” Kate Smith’s “God Bless America,” and “Dixie.”

The author delves into the songs, and alleges that “God Bless America” used racist language in a few of her other songs and contributed to America’s “racist history.” However, the Teen Vogue author failed to note even one example of just how the song was racist! Instead, they claimed that a few other works had racist tones, yet failed to cite examples again! Regardless, left-wing haters of America, like the ones at Teen Vogue, have worked to remove the song from baseball games! For example, the Yankees in New York have played ‘God Bless America’ during the 7th inning stretch since 1969, but leftists are working to eliminate the song from baseball altogether!

The Teen Vogue author then goes after the song “Dixie”, which was written by Daniel Decatur Emmett in the 1850’s. Teen Vogue claims that the song…

“started out as a minstrel song, depicting happy, enslaved people in 1859.”

However, her claims have no factual basis or verification, but that didn’t stop her! In fact, she then went on to say that the song then became…

“the unofficial anthem of the Confederacy!”

Interestingly, she claimed “unofficial,” because she didn’t give it any factual basis either, as it was a random claim, containing no authenticity or factual evidence! Regardless, facts no longer matter to the radical left! ONLY RESULTS and their goal is to transform America, by forcing Americans to turn against America, and their fellow citizenry, and instead turn to government to solve their problems, like in Marxist based nations!

Finally, the author turned their attention to The Star-Spangled Banner,” which she stated…

“was written by a slave-owning Washington lawyer, Francis Scott Key.”

Then, the author said that…

“Key wrote the poem that would eventually become the national anthem in 1814, during a time when black Americans were not free.”

They the author claimed to know the thoughts and intentions of Francis Scott Key, regarding his lyrics! In fact, they said that the song was written, not to “celebrate the land of the free” as the song states, but instead, “celebrate the land of the free – white Americans.” NOTICE TEEN VOGUE ADDS THE LYRICS TO IMPLY A MEANING THAT WASN’T THERE!

Ironically, the author of the hit-piece in Teen Vogue adds that the…

“songs that have no ties with problematic historic figures and aren’t blatantly racist with ‘hidden stanzas,’ the picturesque portrait of America these songs paint doesn’t align with the black experience, which is filled with mass incarceration, cruel and unjust murders, and policies put in place to continue the American tradition of systemic oppression. As black people, we’re expected to shut up and sing these songs that, for so long, declared and celebrated freedom that specifically excluded us; freedom that, in 2019, still doesn’t feel applicable to us.”

However, the songs were not written in any such way as to elicit feelings of racism or hate, nor were they written to do anything other than creating emotions of pride and patriotism in one’s nation, the United States of America!

Regardless, the radical hate-driven left tries to smear and destroy anything that prevents them from transforming America from a free nation, into a nation of Elitists, and their subservient followers!

In the end, the Democrat Party and their radical Mainstream Media Propaganda Ministry continues to try to erode away things that prevent our nation from succumbing to that radical transformation! That is why they are targeting Christians, Patriots, and freedom loving Americans! That is also why they are working tirelessly to divide our nation, men against women, the old against the young, the rich against the poor, blacks against whites, Americans against Illegal immigrants, and so many other ways!

Sadly, if you think we are not at war, you are gravely mistaken! In fact, if we lose this war against the Marxist left, there won’t be much of an America left for our children, our grandchildren, or future generations to come!