By: Brian Evans

House Democrats posted a photo on Twitter, with the announcement that they were opening and holding a hearing on the conditions of detention facilities, and having “kids in cages”!

However, the photo being used in their announcement was taken by the Associated Press in 2014, which countless people noted was under the Obama Administrations control! In addition, the Trump campaign immediately flagged the tweet, writing

“House Democrats are promoting their ‘civil rights’ hearing on ‘kids in cages’ and ‘inhumane treatment’ with a photo from 2014, when Joe Biden was Vice President. So dishonest!”

In addition, the House Committee Republicans also responded to the now-deleted tweet, asking if they knew it was a photo from 2014. They asked…

“Remind us who was president then?”

Fox News reported

“the hearing, still scheduled, will be held Wednesday by the Oversight Committee’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties subcommittee. Democrats on that panel include Chairman Jamie Raskin, D-Md., Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. The pictures used by House Democrats have been mistakenly linked to the Trump administration and shared online before by Democrats and liberal activists. A 2018 Associated Press fact check noted that a number of lawmakers and activists had deleted tweets after the error had been pointed out to them.”

Ironically, the so-called ‘caging of kids’ was a common feature of the Obama Administration, and it was President Trump who ended that policy during the beginning of his first term! Regardless of the truth, the now radical House Democrats and their Mainstream Media propaganda machine will likely continue to try to paint President Trump as the one who caged illegal alien children, even though it was done under Democrat leadership, and ended under the Trump Administration!