By: Brian Evans

In America’s Capitol on the 4th of July, Gold Star mom Amanda Jacobs spoke at the “Rally for Freedom” event that denounced Socialism! She spoke in the honor of her son, who died fighting for liberty, and how his and his fellow men and women in uniform, have given more to our great nation than any athlete could dream of giving!

She said…

“And when I look at this country today, and I wanted to say this loud so many times, Colin Kaepernick was getting paid $14 million a year to throw a ball. My son died for $14,000 a year, and he’s given more than any football player, any athlete has ever given.”

She took a second, trying to hold back the tears, as she added…

“These two children right here can look at a flag and say, ‘That’s uncle Jacob,’ That’s what we are here for today, not because, you know, I wanted to be a Gold Star mom. I got Gold Stars in school for making grades. But this Gold Star that I wear every day isn’t for me. It’s because of what my son chose to do, without my permission, trust me. I have a 17-year-old that is doing the same thing, and it’s because of what they believe. I hear these Marines that come to my house, they stay for four days, you know I’ve got 30 Marines that sleep on my floor, and it’s great, but they tell us that the only thing that kept them going is when they could look up and see that flag. They had hoped to go back home to, and a hoped that this country was going to change for the better, not for the worse.”

Then, she concluded her speech by stating…

“My son’s words were, ‘Mom, I’m not fighting for the ones in the White House. I’m fighting for you and my brothers in this yellow house.’ And that’s what it’s about so let’s keep America free.”

Via: Breitbart

Meanwhile, after leading an anti-American cause on the football field to disgrace our flag, our national anthem, and our nation, he claimed that it was about police discrimination and not the flag! However, he then pushed for Nike to kill their 4th of July shoes that bore the American flag, because it offended him, and his fellow Marxists!

Now, Kaepernick has announced on the 4th of July, that the nation that made him a millionaire for throwing a football, even though he performed poorly, is

“the worst nation in the history of the world”!

In fact, he posted a video with the national anthem playing in the background, while it shows pictures of the KKK, slavery, lynchings, police abuse of African-Americans, and with the audacity to play a voice-over reading of Frederick Douglass’ 1852 speech about slavery! In addition, Kaepernick states on his tweeted video that…

“What have I, or those I represent, to do with your national independence? This Fourth of July is yours, not mine…There is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody than are the people of these United States at this very hour.” – Frederick Douglass”

Ultimately, Kaepernick is so full of hate that he loathes America and all the freedoms that it grants to ‘We the People’! Regardless, Gold Star families slam his hate and his anti-Americanism…

Maybe if Kaepernick hates America so badly, and truly believes that it is the worst nation on earth, HE SHOULD JUST LEAVE!

Sadly, our nation is under constant threat from around the globe from countries like China, North Korea, Iran, radical Islamic nations, and others. However, our greatest threat is an enemy from within our own nation. A group that has spent the larger part of the last 80 years, working to infiltrate America’s major institutions from within our government, our infrastructure, and businesses and corporations like Google, Twitter, Facebook, Mainstream Media, and yes Nike. It is part of a socialist and communist agenda, which is designed to penetrate, infiltrate, and take over our nation, in order to replace our Constitutional Republic with a communist system. Today, it is up to ‘We the People’ to do our part, in upending their political coup and protecting America, as well as our hard-fought freedoms. Sadly, Nike is just one of the credulous and sickening side-effects of their fight. Therefore, as we see our President implement a pro-American agenda that puts America and American’s first, we will continue to see Democrats form mobs that are designed to disrupt Senate and House proceedings. We will continue to see colleges and Universities threaten and silence anti-communist and pro-American speakers and rallies. We will continue to see Democrats like Maxine Waters (CA-D), Nancy Pelosi (CA-D), Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker, and other radicals call for a ‘Resistance’ and at times violence against those who resist. We will continue to see social media companies silence socialist and communist opposition within our nation. We will continue to see the Mainstream Media call true reporting ‘Fake News’, while personally pumping out their own toxic communist propaganda garbage. Therefore, although we could boycott companies who promote anti-American culture, or tune out Mainstream Media propaganda machines, there is truly only one way to win what has become a nearly insurmountable attack on the fabric of our great nation. WE MUST FIGHT BACK, but not by tuning out or censoring opposing voices. Not by using the government to censor CNN, MSNBC, or other radically out-of-touch institutions. Instead, we must launch an all-out counter-offensive on multiple fronts. Instead of calling for the censorship or boycotting of Mainstream Media, we must tune them out. We must support pro-American media outlets, who are brave enough to publish the truth, despite threats by the Progressive-Socialist left who call for censorship. Instead of supporting anti-American Social media giants, we must use pro-America USA.Life, or Gab. Then, instead of simply deleting accounts with Twitter or Facebook, we need to call them out for blatant bias and lies within their own platforms. Instead of relying on Google to filter out what they want you to see, use Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, and USA.Life to search for unfiltered content and truth. Instead of spending our hard-earned money on Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods products, or other companies who openly attack our nation or constitutional freedoms, buy from Reebok, Adidas, Under Armor, local retailers, or places like Hobby Lobby or Chic-Fil-A. In reality, we need to stop looking at it as a boycott, and more about consciencly spending the money we earn with people who support our morals, our values, our nation, and our God. We need to pay attention to what is going on in Washington and educate ourselves and our children about national, statewide, and local politics. Then, we need to make time to get out and help fight for candidates at all levels, who fight for those values that we hold dear. Finally, we must GET OUT AND VOTE! Not simply in Presidential elections, but in Midterm and local elections as well. We must pay attention and vote for leadership at ALL LEVELS. Then, and only then, can we save America from the cancer within, which has been rotting our nation from within the bowels of our constitutional republic, and reset our nations course for a future that would make our Founding Fathers proud, and ultimately give our children a future to look forward to that is bright, happy, and free.