By: Brian Evans

On Friday evening, southern California was hit with a second devastating earthquake, but as the last one was a 6.4 Magnitude, the one on Friday reportedly increased in intensity, to between 6.9 to a 7.1 Magnitude, and was located 11 miles North-North-East of Ridgecrest, California!

6.9 magnitude earthquake strikes Southern California

NBC News Los Angeles reported…

A day after a powerful quake rattled Southern California, residents across Southern California were shaken by a 7.1 temblor that rattled for up to 40 seconds.

The quake happened near Ridgecrest in Kern County, the same location where a 6.4 quake happened on Thursday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The Los Angeles Fire Department is sending vehicles and helicopters around LA to identify any damages or emergency needs, says Brian Humphrey of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Other reports indicate that it was only a 6.9 Magnitude earthquake, which is still a significantly large earthquake!

Reports also indicated that pools were sloshing, lighting fixtures were swaying, and a number of civilians got dizzy and threw up, from the sheer force of the movement!

NBC even noted that…

One person reported feeling the earthquakes in Arizona.

Meanwhile, the USGS website crashed for a period of several minutes, when the earthquake hit a Magnitude of 6.9!

This is a developing story…