By: Brian Evans

We live in a time, where the future of our children looks nothing like the past, in regards to freedoms, spirituality, and the American dream! In fact, at an ever-increasing pace, the freedoms and dreams that our grandparents had, has been diminished to a mere trickle, and at the rate, we are going, it will be completely obliterated within the next few generations of Americans!

For example, Legal Insurrection reported about just one example of how the values of our nation are being not only diminished but FORBIDDEN! They detailed how a Ford dealership in Alabama has become subject to the Marxist politically correct idealism that the now radical left is making mainstream. LI reported that the Alabama dealership…

“came up with an “original promotion while brainstorming ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in a way that reflected the community’s values.”

It excited me to see an Alabama dealership offering people a free shotgun, American flag, and a Bible with a purchase. I started packing to head to the state for a new car even though I’m devoted to Toyota.

Well, the promotion did not last long. Ford told the dealership to end the promotion. said that…

The original promotion that Chatom Ford in Chatom, about an hour north of Mobile, offered customers was a free King James Bible, an American flag and a 12-gauge shotgun with the purchase of a vehicle.

The dealership originally partnered with a local Chatom dealer, Andrews Ace Hardware and Seed Store, and the Athletic Locker in Waynesboro, Mississippi, for the giveaway. When participants in the deal bought a vehicle, they were handed a gift certificate to redeem at either of the stores to get their firearm, after going through required background checks, depending on which state they live in (the Bible and flag were handled by the dealership).

“Obviously, we’re not just running around willy-nilly and giving everybody a shotgun,” said Koby Palmer, the dealership’s sales manager.

The video promoting the giveaway, which was posted June 19 and had been expected to run through July 31, has been deleted. It showed Palmer explaining the deal, then pumping a shotgun.

“Ford Motor Company wasn’t aware or involved in this promotion,” said Ford spokesman Mark Truby, who said the dealership had promised to “stop talking about it as God, guns and glory.”

Ford made it sound as if they were just handing out guns to people, with no checks, and not following the law! However, as the dealership stated, they simply give the gun buyers a certificate to redeem the gun at a licensed dealer, who runs proper background checks, and follows all federal and state laws, regardless of what state the buyer lives in!

Regardless, FORD made it sound as if they were simply arming anyone willy nilly, and ignoring state and federal laws! Regardless, they posted an explanation on Facebook that…

since Ford “manufactures the products we are franchised to sell,” they would comply with Ford’s request.

However, in their decision to comply, the Facebook post notes that Chatom Ford has a new deal called God and Glory, where they don’t give away a firearm, but they give away a…

“bible, a flag, and a gift certificate to use for whatever you want, wherever you want!”

Interestingly, reports indicate that the families guns, religion, and America promotion were popular, which isn’t that surprising, in that it was in a state like Alabama, who loves their guns, their religion, and who are proud to be an American!

Koby Palmer, the dealership’s manager said that the people of Alabama…

“love their faith, they love their country, and they love to hunt.”

Palmer noted that the dealership received mostly positive feedback for the promotion, and it even brought in sales from customers who were shopping and decided to give Chatum Ford a try, due to the perks and patriotism, and especially the Christian faith!

One customer said…

“It’s great that they try to reflect the community’s values.”

Regardless, some in America, no longer see the United States of America as the home of the free, or the land of the brave! After all, today there are too many Americans who too easily give up their God-given freedoms because they don’t want to stir troubles, or draw attention! There are too many who would rather watch soap operas, reality tv, or turn the other cheek, when God-fearing, America-loving citizens are attacked and silenced by the radical, God-hating, America-despising, Marxist left! Furthermore, there are too many people, who would rather walk away, because they are scared of losing their jobs, being ridiculed, or being heckled, disrespected, or humiliated! However, in the end, the only ones being disrespected are the freedom-loving, God-fearing faithful, and the TRUE PATRIOTS! Sadly, too many people in the United States don’t even realize what they are inviting in, as they turn their backs on America, and the American people, our children, and future generations, and God and his faithful!