By: Brian Evans

Nike was set to release their 4th of July shoe featuring the Betsy Ross American flag, until America hating, cop hating Colin Kaepernick threatened Nike, stating that the shoe was offensive, due to it featuring the American flag! Therefore, they pulled the shoe from release, for fear of offending someone, as it carried the American flag on it!

Interestingly, David Martosko pointed out that Democrats found the same Betsy Ross flag acceptable at the inauguration of former President Barack Obama!


Already, Nike has come under fire for their political activism, but this time, Nike has likely crossed a line that will cost them $MILLIONS! After all, when they decided to stop selling the special edition Fourth of July themed shoe because they said that the Betsy Ross American flag on the shoe was “offensive” to Colin Kaepernick, AMERICANS BECAME ANGRY! 

In fact, Americans across the great nation responded to Nike’s stupidity by launching the #BoycottNike campaign on Twitter!

In addition, the America hating company is also paying the price in their pocketbook elsewhere, as the Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ)  had some very harsh words for the American-hating company on Twitter…

Therefore, Governor Ducey instructed the state of Arizona Commerce Department to withdraw all state taxes for Nike! Thank you, Governor Ducey, for being a true AMERICAN PATRIOT, AND STANDING UP FOR OUR NATION, AND OUR CITIZENS!

However, it appears that anytime a Republican is willing to do the right thing, Democrats jump in to do the opposite! In fact, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM) announced that her state is open to making a deal with Nike after Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) said he will move to withdraw financial incentives for the company! She wrote…

“Hey @Nike, let’s talk!”

Apparently, there is no low that Democrats will go, in their desire to transform America from the land of the free, into a Marxist ideology! Fortunately, there are a lot of Americans who refuse to put the almighty dollar and power above the future of our nation, and the future we leave for our children!