By: Brian Evans

The Bank of America announced this week that they are officially canceling all accounts, and refusing to do business with any businesses and companies who are currently working to secure the border and assisting with the running of illegal immigrant detention facilities that house children! However, since the children are no longer housed separately from their alleged parents, that would likely encompass all holding facilities!

FOX2 Now reported that…

Bank of America will end its association with companies that provide prisoner and immigrant detention services at both the state and federal levels. The move comes amid growing public concern about the nation’s border policies.

A spokesperson said Wednesday that Bank of America has discussed the issue with its clients that provide those services. While the bank appreciates “steps they have taken to properly execute their contractual and humanitarian responsibilities,” it ultimately decided to “exit the relationships.”

“Lacking further legal and policy clarity, and in recognition of the concerns of our employees and stakeholders in the communities we serve, it is our intention to exit these relationships,” the spokesperson said.

The Miami Herald previously reported that Bank of America was a financier of Caliburn — which the newspaper said runs a facility called Homestead under a US government contract. The Herald said the bank provided a $380 million loan to the company and a $75 million credit line. The paper indicated Homestead is not a prison, but “protesters say it functions as one. The minors held inside are not allowed to leave.”

Bank of America declined to comment Wednesday regarding the companies with which it had previously worked.

However, the very people who claim to be fighting for the illegal aliens, including Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and countless House Democrats, they have repeatedly VOTED AGAINST HUMANITARIAN ASSISTANCE, as well as, VOTED AGAINST THE LAST Senate Passed Bipartisan HUMANITARIAN BORDER FUNDING Bill AFTER PROTESTING THE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS ON BORDER That They Denied Even Existed A Few Months Ago!

Even former President Barack Obama’s immigration chief, Thomas Homan admitted this week that it was the Obama Administration that set up the so-called cages, designed to house illegal aliens. He said…

“I’ve been to that facility, where they talk about cages. That facility was built under President Obama under [Homeland Security] Secretary Jeh Johnson. I was there because I was there when it was built.”

Obama’s immigration Chief even noted how a Democratic chairman at a congressional hearing asked a Trump official…

“You still keeping kids in cages?”

Homam said that he would have responded to that question by stating…

“The kids are being house in the same facility built under the Obama administration. If you want to call them cages, call them cages. But if the left wants to call them cages and the Democrats want to call them cages then they have to accept the fact that they were built and funded in Fiscal Year 2015.”

Homan added that the facilities were designed, not as a punishment, but as a means of “protecting children!” Homan went on to point out that the facilities, along the border…

“were not built to take care of children,” and added that “it’s chain link dividers that keeps children separate from unrelated adults. It’s about protecting children!

In 2017, Homan also told a House Appropriations subcommittee that…

“It isn’t the fault of law enforcement that people get separated. It’s the fault of the perpetrator. If someone enters this country illegally and knows he’s in the country illegally and is found to be in the country illegally and is ordered removed from the country and chooses to have a child in this country that’s a U.S. citizen by virtue of birth, he put himself in that position, so ICE is not separating that family! Unlike other agencies, we do this despite a constant deluge of biased attacks against ICE personnel by those who disagree with the laws we enforce. While I recognize that people have the right to protest laws they don’t agree with I want to emphasize to the public and to the media and to this committee that ice officers don’t write the laws. They enforce the laws. Those who choose to enter this country illegally which is a crime, a federal crime, or to overstay their visa have knowingly chosen to break the law.”

In addition, Homan told Fox News earlier this month that…

“I’ve said many times, there are over 100,000 family units with final orders, been ordered removed by an immigration judge. We need to seek them out and return them to their homeland. We need to execute the final orders issued by the judges, or there’s no integrity to the entire system. That’s not being done; we need to do it. I did it four years ago and it worked. I can’t understand why that’s not happening.”

Therefore, regardless of the reasons Bank of America claims to be targeting companies and businesses who assist in helping house and detain illegal immigrants coming across the border, their CEO’s are hypocritical bigots, as they finance those who actually started the crisis, have been exacerbating its expansion, and are now fighting to demonize those who are working tirelessly to fix the problem!

Perhaps it is Bank of America who should be cut-off, as they apparently fund the problem, rather than the solution! Maybe it will take decent, caring American citizens to cut off a bank that fails to live up to its name, as they certainly are not fighting for America, or even humanity, AT ALL!