By: Brian Evans

As America launches the 2020 election season, the ‘Social Media Masters’ are diligently working to silence their anti-Marxist, pro-Constitutional adversaries voices, as they try to alter the outcome of the 2020 election! In fact, Reddit has joined in with the attack, as they have “quarantined” the “The Donald” site on their platform, which happens to be the largest pro-Trump forum on any Social Media platform today! Ironically, it was done on the eve of the Democrat debates…

Meanwhile, Reddit has announced that they will not allow any posting of clever memes, or what they deem to be offensive content, or be subject to being removed from the platform in its entirety!

Meanwhile, even though /r/The_Donald is the most popular page on Reddit when you try to search for /r/The_Donald on Reddit today, it pulls up the following page…

Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 2.24.37 PM

The page shows links that label President Trump as an anti-Semite, ties him to Russia, a religious bigot, conspiracy theorist, mired in scandal, and a racist! Interestingly, it DID NOT PROVIDE A CONNECTION TO THE r/The_Donald subreddit, even though r/The_Donald was searched for specifically!

This adds Reddit to a long list of racist, discriminative, hate-mongering, bigoted sites that squelch the freedom of speech and for Americans to voice their thoughts and ideas about political discourse and ideas today! In fact, they join Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Mainstream Media organizations, businesses, and wealthy Corporate CEO’s!

It is time for Americans and our elected leaders to stand up, make our voices heard, and let Ravelry and other left-wing owned sites know that we will not stand for their hate, their discrimination, and their fake righteousness! In truth, they are bigots, hate-mongers, and racists, with the intent of destroying our Constitutional Republic! Therefore, it is time for us to speak out, for as Dr. Reverand Martin Luther King Jr. once said…

Image result for quote: we will no be silenced, we will not b e

Don’t be silenced, because your voice, and your freedoms, will be what they come after next! Call your Senator and Representatives and DEMAND ACTION!

Reddit has already banned ALL LINKS to the Gateway Pundit, due to their massively influential effect that they had on the 2016 election, so will you be next! Meanwhile, postings from the Daily Caller, Conservative Tribune, and other Conservative sites get deleted. Sadly, if we wait too long, there will not be anyone left to speak up for us!