By: Brian Evans

The second night of Democrat debates turned out to be as radical and insane as the first night! In fact, EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE on the second night of debates said that they SUPPORTED GIVING ALL 22 MILLION ILLEGAL ALIENS IN THE UNITED STATES TAXPAYER FUNDED HEALTHCARE!

The question came up when the NBC News anchor asked whether their healthcare plans would provide taxpayer-funded free healthcare to all illegal aliens! When asked, all 10 Democrats raised their hands in support of the measure!

Currently, Americans already fork out more than $116 Billion to subsidize illegal aliens living within the United States, as they provide them with free education and public benefits! Also, millions of illegal aliens are already putting a strain on our nations medical system, as they cannot afford to pay for their care, and according to Forbes, it is costing our nation’s taxpayers almost $20 Billion!

Imagine the cost, with open borders, and a growing and the unsustainable flood of illegals coming in from all over the world! ULTIMATELY, IT WILL LEAD AMERICA FROM THE LAND OF PLENTY, TOWARDS A NEW THIRD WORLD REALITY!