By: Brian Evans

In early 2018, President Donald J. Trump had ordered 25% tariffs on steel imports, which has already generated $4.5 billion in revenue so far, to the United States Treasury!

Soon after, the ‘Resist Trump’ Democrats pushed for, with several companies including the American Institute for International Steel, who wants America to be forced to use foreign steel instead of American steel, filed suit against the President’s steel tariffs. The organization claimed that the policy has caused “irreparable and ongoing harm” to their business. They challenged the administration’s use of section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to impose the tariffs, and pushed for the case to bypass the appellate courts, and go directly to the United States Supreme Court! They claimed that they feared Trump would impose additional tariffs soon after, were able to appeal directly to the US Supreme Court, a move which has now backfired!

In fact, the Supreme Court announced on Monday, that they were rejecting the case to be heard at the Supreme Court! As a result, the decision upheld President Trump’s right to impose tariffs, based on national security, and even found NO DISSIDENTS on the highest court of the land! It was a MAJOR REBUKE towards the ‘RESISTANCE’ movement against the President, and anti-American worker businesses, corporations, and American Industry!

Their decision officially upheld President Donald Trump’s right to impose the tariffs on the basis of national security with no noted dissidents. In fact, according to court filings, the court found that the plaintiffs’ use of section 232 was…

“facially unconstitutional on the ground that it lacks any intelligible principle and therefore constitutes an improper delegation of legislative authority and violates the principles of separation of powers and checks and balances established by the Constitution.”

The American Institute for International Steel, who is pushing for America to buy foreign steel, stated…

“Section 232 essentially turns over to the president the entirety of Congress’s constitutional power to impose tariffs and other restrictions on imports.”

Fortunately, in the end, the Supreme Court handed down a HUGE WIN FOR THE AMERICAN WORKER, AND OUR AMERICAN NATION, as President Trump continues to not only ‘Make America Great Again’, but as he continues to ‘Keep America Great’!