By: Brian Evans

This week, the USA Today/Suffolk poll was released and showed President Trump’s approval has soared to 49%! The poll was taken from June 11th to June 15th and presented on RealClearPolitics, but interestingly, the left-wing Mainstream Media outlet who initiated and produced the poll refuses to even acknowledge it, or mention its results! After all, it wasn’t the outcome that they wanted!

The poll has shown a continual increase in the President’s approval nationwide, as it sat at 38% in February of 2018, increased to 40% in August 2018, and now 49% in June of 2019! Also, it was interesting that the USA Today publication found it newsworthy that his approval was only at 38% last year, as they reported in February of 2018 that…

“President Trump sends mixed signals about what he’ll support when it comes to gun legislation, his approval rating has fallen to its lowest level in the USA TODAY survey since he was inaugurated last year. Just 38% now approve of the job he’s doing as president; 60% disapprove.”

However, their headline about the President’s 49% approval ignored the statistic altogether! In fact, they wrote

“Poll: What do Democrats want to hear about at the debates? (Hint: It’s not Trump.)”

Meanwhile, USA Today also wrote

The latest Suffolk University/USA TODAY national poll of registered voters identifies a “Starting Five” on the proverbial Democratic team: former Vice President Joe Biden (30 percent), Sen. Bernie Sanders (15 percent), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (10 percent), Mayor Pete Buttigieg (9 percent), and Sen. Kamala Harris (8 percent), with 17 percent undecided. On the bench and ready to join the fray are Sen. Cory Booker and Beto O’Rourke at 2 percent each, while the other 17 candidates together drew support from just 7 percent of likely Democratic primary/caucus voters.

Amazingly and strategically, the publication found it unnecessary to even mention the Presidents incredibly positive approval rating, and simply focused on pro-leftwing, pro-Socialist policies and candidates!

The results of their latest polling show similarities to one of the most stable and reliable polling services, Rassmussen Reports! In fact, Rassmussen has shown the Presidents approval at a steady 48%-53% over the past year! Even more interesting, is the fact that Rassmussen’s Presidential Tracking shows President Trump’s approval, as of Friday, at 49%, just like the USA Today/ Suffolk University poll!

Therefore, it is no wonder why left-wing pundits, pollsters, and Democrats refuse to accept the numbers because it doesn’t bode well for the Democrat candidates in 2020! Furthermore, if the economy continues to do so well, and if President Trump continues to follow through with his promises made, Democrats are likely to lose big time in 2020! Especially if Democrat continue to make radical, insane, and outlandish statements, and as they take incredibly anti-American and anti-Christian actions, as well as, launch unfounded attacks against their political enemies and the President!