By: Brian Evans

After years of left-wing politicians in New York pushing the State ever-closer towards what the Democrat Party now calls a utopia, the repercussions are now starting to take root and spread across the state! In fact, as America’s Constitutional Republic is turned upside-down, Socialism is now on the rise, and States like California and New York have become the epitome of a Socialist attempt to turn the United States of America, into the next Venezuela or the Soviet Union! The only difference, the left-wing radicals like to give it a new less Marxist sounding name like…”Democratic Socialism”, which is an oxymoron!

One independent journalist put it best when Andrew Goodman said

Democratic Socialism is an oxymoron. Democracies rest the power in the individual, socialism in the state. Your suggestion here that socialism includes (created?) roads, vaccines, healthcare and electricity is a bit silly. These were not created by socialism, they were invented by people who were free to pursue their experiments in a free society, the sort of environment which is increasingly absent under socialism. The free market created these things, not socialism.

Furthermore, the so-called ‘Democratic Socialism’ is still based on the same old, failed redistributionist tenets of the Communist States like the Soviet Union, Cuba, China, Venezuela, and other Marxist-based governments! It is bait-and-switch techniques that are commonplace amongst the pro-Marxist ideologues, as they use their snake oil salesmen technique to try to convince Americans that they have invented a new ideology, despite “Democratic Socialism” truly being full-blown Marxism in disguise! For example, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and other Democrats try to convince the electorate in the idea that in “a moral and wealthy America . . . no person should be too poor to live in this country.” Therefore, they demonize the idea that everyone isn’t equal, as they try and appeal to the sinfully envious and covetous nature of humanity!

Therefore, the so-called Democratic Socialists work deviously to disassociate themselves from the massive failures of Marxist ideologues and nations around the globe, and to re-brand themselves, as a new and better form of Marxists, who they claim still embrace Democracy, even though Democracy and Socialism and Communism cannot go hand in hand!  

Even AOC’s own Young Democratic Socialists of America website devotes an entire section to why the Soviet Union’s collapse doesn’t discredit their economic model, yet their own model is the same as that of the Soviet Unions, but is simply re-worded to hide their true goal…FULL BLOW MARXISM, just like in the purely Communist States which embrace the idea of…

“from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

Even the Democratic Socialist of America, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and much of the Democrat Party even admit that much of America’s private property, businesses and industries will have to come under governments control! They say that…

“While the large concentrations of capital in industries such as energy and steel may necessitate some form of state ownership, many consumer-goods industries might be best run as cooperatives.”

Sadly, whether it be the Marxist Soviet Union, or the Socialist nation of Venezuela, properties were confiscated by the all-powerful Communist governments in the name of the collective, only to then have the private owners thrown in the gulag or prison

Already, the Boston Herald reported

The left complains that conservatives are “obsessing” over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Well, there is a reason for that: Ocasio-Cortez is driving the agenda of today’s Democratic Party — and her economic illiteracy is dangerous.

Case in point: Last week, Ocasio-Cortez celebrated the tanking of a deal negotiated by her fellow Democrats in which Amazon promised to build a new headquarters in Long Island City, New York, right next to her congressional district. Amazon’s departure cost the city between 25,000 and 40,000 new jobs. Forget the tech workers whom Amazon would have employed. Gone are all the unionized construction jobs to build the headquarters, as well as thousands of jobs created by all the small businesses — restaurants, bodegas, dry cleaners and food carts — that were preparing to open or expand to serve Amazon employees. They are devastated by Amazon’s withdrawal.

Ocasio-Cortez was not disturbed at all. “We were subsidizing those jobs,” she said. “Frankly, if we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest those $3 billion in our district, ourselves, if we wanted to. We could hire out more teachers. We can fix our subways. We can put a lot of people to work for that amount of money if we wanted to.”

No, you can’t. Ocasio-Cortez does not seem to realize that New York does not have $3 billion in cash sitting around waiting to be spent on her socialist dreams. The subsidies to Amazon were tax incentives, not cash payouts. It is Amazon’s money, which New York agreed to make tax-exempt, so the company would invest it in building its new headquarters, hiring new workers and generating tens of billions in new tax revenue.

As New York Mayor Bill de Blasio explained, the Amazon deal would have produced “$27 billion in new tax revenue to fuel priorities from transit to affordable housing — a nine-fold return on the taxes the city and state were prepared to forgo to win the headquarters.” Unlike Ocasio-Cortez’s imaginary $3 billion slush fund, that is real money that actually could have been used to hire teachers, fix subways and put people to work. With Amazon leaving New York, that $27 billion leaves with it. Genius.

Ocasio-Cortez does not seem to understand that by helping to drive Amazon away, she did not save New York $3 billion; she cost New York $27 billion. There is a difference between having bad ideas and not grasping basic facts. Reasonable people can disagree about whether New York should have offered Amazon $3 billion in tax incentives — or anything at all — to build its headquarters in the city. But that is different from not understanding that New York is not writing a $3 billion check to Amazon.

Now, as a result of a Marxist led left-wing state like New York, June’s ‘Manufacturing Index’ is seeing the largest ever drop in history! In fact, according to the New York Fed,  business activity in the State…

“took a sharp turn downward. Manufacturing firms in New York State reported that business activity declined.”

In fact, the  New York Fed’s Empire State business conditions index took fell into negative territory for the first time in more than two years, as it fell 26.4 points to negative 8.6, which proves to be the LARGEST EVER DECLINE!

The numbers show a contraction in business activity, which shows pro-Socialist economists who predicted a ten point gain fell not only short but almost 19 points off! Also, it led to unemployment falling to -3.5, which is the first time it has hit negative territory in over two years!

Socialists are blaming New York’s economic woes on the President and his tariffs, but it is a tough sale, since his policies and even tariffs are proving to benefit the rest of the nation, at least States who have taken a pro-America, pro-Capitalist stance on the economy!

Today, it is mind-boggling that so many Americans are willing to take one of the greatest and most prosperous nations, and considering handing it over to the very ideology which has enslaved millions, slaughtered billions, and led to some of the most egregious and cruel governments in history! Sadly, nations where socialism continues to wreak havoc and spur poverty, disease, and crime, because “socialism” only works when it’s paid for by capitalism! Therefore, what happens when there are no longer any capitalist nations like the United States to prop up greed and power hungry Marxist nations?

In 1995, Mark Perry, a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan wrote about why socialism fails, and he said…

“The perfect version of socialism would work; it is just the imperfect socialism that doesn’t work. Marxists like to compare a theoretically perfect version of socialism with practical, imperfect capitalism which allows them to claim that socialism is superior to capitalism.”

Today, the ‘Democratic Socialists’ like Bernie Sanders, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others continue to do that very thing! They deny that the Soviets were truly Socialists! They try to deny that Adolf Hitler and his ‘National Socialist German Workers’ Party’ or NAZI’s were Socialists! They try to deny the fact that Venezuela embraces true Socialism! They try to deny that Cuba’s Communist government embraces Socialism! However, what the now radical left is pushing IS PURE SOCIALISM AND MARXISM, JUST LIKE THE SOVIETS, THE NAZI’s, AND OTHER MARXIST NATIONS! However, today the radical left is winning, because they have eroded history in our schools, propagandized the truth about Marxism and Socialism, and destroyed the true genius behind our Founding Fathers establishment of our Constitutional Republic and Capitalist economic system!