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THE COST OF MARXISM IN AMERICA: Massive Homelessness, Poop & Needle Patrol’s, Rodent Infestations, And Middle Age Diseases, With A Progressive Price Tag Of… BILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

By: Brian Evans

As left-wing states like California continue to claim that they have all the answers to the world, including homelessness, pay, drug abuse, crime, and even global warming or climate change! In fact, under the Obama Administration, the Washington Free Beacon reported

Researchers were awarded more than $4 million by the Obama administration’s Environmental Protection Agency to study whether exposure to air pollution led children to eat more fast food.

The $4,146,875 grant was awarded in 2013 to fund a five-year study at the University of Southern California into whether proximity to “near-roadway air pollution” was a contributing factor in childhood obesity.

But, ridiculous and expensive expenditures of taxpayer money didn’t stop at linking global warming to childhood obesity! In fact, it has led to countless programs in California, designed to show the compassion of the left towards the homeless, criminal elements, drug abusers, and the mentally ill! However, the left’s policies of compassion have led to some of the most massive and incompassionate outcomes in the history of California, coupled with one of the greatest deficits in California history!

It is ironic, as San Francisco is a city with a record number of billionaires, who subscribe to a Marxist ideology that is designed to preserve their own wealth and power while stifling the hopes and dreams of the rest of mankind! As a result of their Marxist and Socialist policies, their streets are riddled with homeless, as their people lose their homes, and are cast into their streets! Their left-wing ideological agenda has created a growing class of drug users, as they hand out State-issued needles, which they claim will help stop the spread of disease! Meanwhile, it has magnified the sheer number of drug users, and consequently, the diseases have become widespread! Also, it has left thousands of people no other option, but to eat from garbage cans, and to urinate and defecate on the streets! Now, as a result of an exploding homeless population, a massive number of drug users, and the mere numbers residing on the streets, California cities like San Francisco are becoming covered in feces, which has led the city to spend millions on cleanup efforts like needle pickup patrols, and poop patrols! The poop patrols job is to pick up poop on the city streets, and pays nearly $200,000 per year, just for cleaning up the poop!

However, the sheer mass of poop on the streets of cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco have led to rats, and when we say rats, we say LOTS OF RATS! Unfortunately for the residents of California, rats carry fleas, and fleas carry disease! As a result, the bubonic plague, typhus, and a number of other Middle Age diseases have plagued a once beautiful land! Now, even the tourism industry has been devastated by their left-wing policies!

Now, even as California governor and city mayors have tried to remedy the situation by implementing even more severe Socialist so-called solutions, it has further led to even greater problems! In fact, in Nancy Pelosi’s district, which is the heart of the Socialist delusion, they proposed building a homeless center near the city’s waterfront. However, the wealthy Elitists like Nancy Pelosi are not having it, as they have heckled the San Francisco Mayor Landon Breed, as they refuse to allow the poor, the needy, the helpless, whom they have cast down, dare be allowed to reside any closer to their back door! Fox News even reported that the wealthy billionaires have created online fundraisers! Mayor Breed responded to the opponents by stating…

“Homelessness is the number one problem that we face in our city. You cannot be upset about homelessness and then when I propose a real solution, then you’re upset about it.” 

Ultimately, as the Democrats implement Socialism for their own power and greed, the repercussions have become overwhelmingly glaring, as California shows that it has become a young Venezuela, as it has ravaged the once great State with sickness, desperation, and a lack of hope!



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