By: Brian Evans

Interestingly, earlier this year, the radical and out-of-touch New Mexico Governor Michell Lujan Grisham attacked the Presidents ‘National Emergency’ declaration, as she said there was no crisis at the border! In addition, Grisham withdrew the States National Guard, leaving the border even more porous and open to illegal alien surges! In fact, she called the President’s declaration, a “charade of border fear-mongering,” as she released a statement in February mocking President TrumpTrump, and stating that…

“There exists no national security crisis on the southwestern border.”

Then, fast forward just a few short months ahead, from February to June, and the Governor has not only changed her tune, but she is blaming President Trump for what she calls a “crisis at the southern border”!

The Governor is referring to the fact that, due to her actions of removing troops along her State’s border, New Mexico has become overrun by illegal aliens and drug cartel activity! In fact, a New Mexico sheriff revealed that he has seen $60,000 in hard narcotic drug shipments in April alone, which is up from $3,500 in January. That is a MASSIVE INCREASE in a matter of a few months! Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs highlighted the problems on the New Mexico border, as he revealed

Now, Governor Grisham has responded to the crisis on the border by tweeting…

Ultimately, Governor Grisham, like most left-wing fanatics, are trying to paint the President as responsible for the ‘crisis at the border’,  even though it is their own policies that have caused it, and despite that it is their own actions that have worked to prevent the President from securing the borders of the nation!

In a nutshell, Grisham, like the rest of her party, are hypocrites, as they work to undermine the safety and prosperity of our great nation and people, in their effort to transform America from the land of the free to the home of a Marxist collective!