By: Brian Evans

In one of the deepest and darkest of blue States in the Union… OBVIOUSLY OTHER THAN CALIFORNIA, New York City, which is even BLUER, Mayor Bill De Blasio has become one of the worst Mayors in American history, as his left-wing policies have bankrupted the city, cost countless New York residents their jobs, caused an increase in homelessness and crime, and countless other problems in the city!

Regardless, Mayor De Blasio decided to enter the crowded 24-candidate Democratic field last month, and has tried to brand himself as the ultimate anti-Trump Democrat, as he attempted to brand President Trump with the nickname “Con Don.” However, the name didn’t stick, as his own constituents have felt that the Mayor has lied repeatedly to them over the policies that have done the opposite to their plight, as he had promised! On the other hand, President Trump has followed through on his promises that he issued during his campaign! In fact, even during the first year of the President’s Administration, he was able to implement one of the greatest and most successful policy implementations for the American people, in American history, despite the ‘resistance’ of left-wing Marxists like De Blasio himself! Therefore, ‘Con Don’ should read ‘Con Artist De Blasio’!

President Trump marked the beginning of De Blasio’s Presidential run by calling him the worst mayor in the United States and the worst mayor in New York City’s history…

However, the Presidents dis-taste for the horrible Mayor wasn’t alone, as New York residents slammed his candidacy! In fact, the people of New York cannot stand the man, and even call him “full of crap”!

Even the New York Police slammed their Mayor on MSNBC, as they said it was like an April Fool’s joke…

de Blasio was also slammed for skipping the mayoral tradition of attending the Puerto Rican Day Parade, so he could campaign in Iowa, which didn’t sit well with his large Puerto Rican community in New York City!

Now, in a new survey by the Des Moines Register and CNN, out of the 24 Presidential candidate field, de Blasio didn’t even make the first or second choice for President BY A SINGLE PERSON BEING SURVEYED! 

Now, according to a Siena College poll, they found that 29% of New Yorkers view de Blasio favorably, while President Trump had a 34% favorability rating!

As far as unfavorability ratings, De Blasio had the following support…

  • Democrats: 39% favorable to 45% unfavorable.
  • Republicans: 13% favorable to 70% unfavorable
  • Independents: 24% favorable to 58% unfavorable

President Trump’s ratings were at…

  • Democrats: 19% favorable to 77% unfavorable
  • Republicans 70% favorable to 29% unfavorable
  • Independents 32% favorable to 65% unfavorable

As a result, in a twist of irony, in what should be a strongly supportive State for a devout Marxist Mayor, DeBlasio’s support us Trumped by the President, as he continues to grow support for his solidly pro-America, pro-American people agenda, while Democrats like de Blasio continue  to fundamentally transform our nation from the land of the free, into a Marxist Globalist cesspool that lands the Elitist Political and economic class at the top, with our citizenry at the bottom, and equally poor and desperate!