By: Brian Evans

As the first of the polling rolls out in regards to the 2020 Presidential race, Democrats were ecstatic, as Quinnipiac University polling announced that the Former Vice President Joe Biden was leading the President by a massive 13 points nationally! However, upon closer inspection, the information demonstrates a few problems, as their celebrations might not only be short, but inappropriate, as it turned out for Hillary Clinton in 2016!

First of all, the same Quinnipiac polling also showed that President Trump has gained since 2016 in support amongst both the Black and Hispanic communities throughout the United States!

Also, according to Quinnipiac University, their polling shows Joe Biden at 53%, compared to President Trump at 40% if the election were held today! Also, it shows the pronounced communist Bernie Sanders beating the President by 9%, and their fellow pro-Socialist warriors including Kamala Harris +8%, Elizabeth Warren +7%, Buttigieg +5%, and Cory Booker +5%!

Even the Sienna polling shows the hated New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio beating the President by a massive 12% points, despite his approval in New York City being among the lowest on record!

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Another factor to note, is the difference amongst polling outlets like Rassmussen and Quinnipiac, in regards to the Presidents approval rating! In fact, Rassmussen has the Presidents approval at an even tie, while the Quinnipiac University poll says he is underwater with a -11% approval rating!

Interestingly, if you rewind to 2015, polling coming out of CNN, Quinnipiac, Yahoo, Siena, and other Progressive Democrat-leaning polling services, it showed the President in the same situation against Hillary, only his approval ratings were much lower than they are today! Also, polling in 2015 and 2016 was sporadic, with numbers jumping up and down by as much as 8-19 points, in a matter of a few days to week! The only polling service that remained relatively stable and varied by a mere point or two per week was the Rassmussen Report! It shows stability and reliability in their polling services, whereas the sporadic jumping, means that their variables, questions, and whom they question is inconsistent and unreliable as a metric for the public sentiment!

Quinnipiac also shows that women favor Biden over the President by 26%, men by 1%, Whites by 1%, Blacks by 73%, and Hispanics by 25%! They show that the only group that the President exceeds the Democrats in is non-college educated voters, which makes up a large portion of the voting population in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio! All states that the President needs to win in 2020!

Tim Malloy, the Assistant Director of the Quinnipiac University Poll stated…

“It’s a long 17 months to Election Day, but Joe Biden is ahead by landslide proportions.”

Quinnipiac said that they obtained the results by surveying 1,214 voters nationwide from June 6 through June 10th, and said that there is a margin of error of  +/- 3.5 percent.

However, the results mirrored a poll that was conducted by Quinnipiac in May of 2015, between Trump and Hillary Clinton! It found that Clinton was leading Trump by 18% (50% to Trump’s 32% in a hypothetical matchup. Also, according to sources inside the Trump campaign, they have indicated that their own internal polling shows that not only will the President beat every single Democrat in a head to head matchup, and hold his 2016 States, but he would actually become competitive in States like OREGAN, which is traditionally a DEEP DARK BLUE STATE!

For example, on Tuesday, Trump campaign spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany joined Fox Business’  The Evening Edit, and she was asked about the Quinnipiac College polling data, which shows President Trump getting crushed by almost every Democrat in the 2020 field! She responded by pointing out that Trump’s internal polling data shows the President will beat every Democrat, and it also shows that not only will  Trump will hold the states they won in 2016, but the Trump campaign is currently looking to expand its campaign into Oregon, where they said their own polling shows the President is making inroads into the deep blue state, showing real promise for 2020! 

Now, as Oregan has not voted for a Republican since President Reagan beat Mondale in 1984, and although it might be a remote possibility for a win, the Trump campaign says that it is in contention and especially since they have the resources and determination! However, time will tell for Oregan, because according to a Trump 2020 memo given to CNN, his campaign is looking to “expand the map,” and no campaign wastes resources where it won’t benefit them, especially for Trump! In fact, according to the memo, they claim that Nevada, New Mexico, and even New Hampshire are “HIGHLY COMPETITIVE”! Also, they said that Minnesota is one to watch in 2020! According to Republican Pollster Tony Fabrizio, he said that all of those states are about to turn red! He added that although Oregan is likely remote in turning it red, it has become a possibility and that the Trump campaign will evaluate or “test the waters,” as one Trump Administration official said! Then, they will decide if they want to apply resources in Oregan, or whether it would be better applied in other States!

Via Fox Business’ The Evening Edit

In 2016, Democrats were shocked when Donald Trump turned both Wisconsin and Michigan red, and the Oregon Republican Party Communications Director Kevin Hoar stated that he believes the tide is turning in his left-leaning State, as he said…

Every day Oregonians can see that President Trump is taking on the big problems and making the economy a huge success. This provides a powerful contrast between the policies we hear about from the 2020 Democratic presidential field, and the promises kept and success delivered by President Trump. Oregon continues to be home to a growing number of forgotten men and women, especially in rural Oregon, a major theme of his campaign since 2016.

However, the Deputy Director of the Oregon Democrat Party Molly Woon responded…

“It makes sense that the GOP would be interested in refurbishing their reputation out here! Their party has championed putting kids in cages, taking health care away from working families and defiling the Constitution. This is not the Oregon way. They’re welcome to visit, but they should be prepared for an icy reception from Oregon voters.”

However, Woon’s comments were apparently political spin, as reports of Democrats preparing to increase expenditures in blue states has emerged, in states like New Mexico, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, and YES EVEN OREGAN! In the end, it shows that although the left-wing polling services like Quinnipiac, CNN, Siena, and others show that President Trump doesn’t stand a chance, they are concerned that he won’t only repeat the 2016 results, by sweeping states across the nation, but he will likely expand his support into States that have become Democrat-controlled and deep blue! Therefore, they are concerned that the President could sweep the nation in 2020, with a deep red wave, as Anti-American Global Communists take over their Party platform. After all, as they have become the Party of Elitist Marxists, slowly eroding away our Constitutional Democracy, they are turning a nation of freedom loving Patriots, against their hostile greedy, power-hungry bureaucrat centered selves!