By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday, the left-wing controlled Fort Worth, Texas School Board met and unanimously voted (8-0) to fire Carter-Riverside High School English teacher Georgia Clark for reaching out to President Trump, over her school being overrun by illegal aliens and drugs on campus! The district claims that the incident started when Georgia Clark tweeted to President Trump…

She has two weeks to appeal to the state, and she remains employed with pay in the meantime. Reports indicate that the district didn’t fire her due to a lack of teaching ability or misconduct, but instead because she reached out to President Trump on Twitter, and asked how she should go about reporting the vast number of illegal aliens and drugs that have pervaded her Texan school! Furthermore, although the district says that the controversy started with her tweets to the President, it actually goes much deeper, especially upon closer inspection of the facts, and the history of Clark, illegal immigration, and drugs in the school district! In fact, it paints a darker picture of the Fort Worth School District as a whole, as the school district refuses to comment about their pro-illegal alien policies in the district, or their refusal to deal with drugs that have become rampant in their schools!

In fact, reports indicate that she reached out to school officials, and they refused to resolve the issues over illegal aliens from Mexico, or the drug dealing and problems that have pervaded the school and district!, so she resorted to contacting President Trump. The Washington Times reported that…

Clark had told a district investigator that she had meant the tweet for President Donald Trump’s eyes only and didn’t realize her Twitter postings were public.

The Fort Worth Superintendent Kent Scribner pointed out how Clark admitted to posting that the Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico,” and that those who are here illegally should be investigated and removed. Scribner said…

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the board voted to terminate her in 2013 over her language and behavior toward students, but a teachers group intervened and helped resolve the situation. Apparently, she called the Mexican Students “Little Mexico”, and White Students “White Bread” She also grouped the Mexican students on one side of the room, and the American students on the other. However, they failed to note as to why! Was Clark separating dangerous students from American children? Also, why was the School District placing illegal alien children with American students? The Telegram reported…

During the 2013-14 school year, Clark worked at Western Hills High School as a reading teacher, but was recommended for termination by a review committee after she was accused of using racist language toward students. She was kept by the district after the United Educators Associationhelped her find a resolution with the district, the records state.

Eighteen student witnesses made statements in that case. A co-worker on campus also told the district Clark used racist language when referring to students. That internal review began Nov. 7, 2013, and closed on Jan. 3, 2014.

In November 2013, Clark was accused of calling a group of Hispanic students “Little Mexico.” She also reportedly called a Caucasian student “white bread,” and separated the class by race, according to the reports.

“The Mexicans on one side and the white and black people on another side,” one student told the district’s Office of Professional Standards in 2013. “She had told the Mexicans that (they’re) Mexico and that the white and blacks are America.”

Another tweet that Clark sent to President Trump, which has since been removed by Twitter, indicated that she would be retaliated against for complaining about illegal aliens in her school. She said…

“[President Trump] I need protection from recrimination should I report it to the authorities but do not know where to turn. I contacted the Texas Education Agency and then my teacher organization. Texas will not protect whistle blowers. The Mexicans refuse to honor our flag.”

In the end, her concerns were well-founded, as she was suspended for complaining about illegal alien activity, drugs, and crime within her school!

Following her suspension, Superintendent Kent P. Scribner issued a voice and email message to parents on Wednesday evening in both English and Spanish, stating…

“As we conclude the school year this Friday, please know we take this promise very seriously and your child’s safety and well-being are always our number-one priority”

In addition, the Fort Worth School District has said that it welcomes students from all walks of life and backgrounds, which is good! However, in 2017, after President Trump promised to build a wall along the southern border, the Fort Worth School Trustees voted in favor

WFAA reported

District leaders have worked to let the community know it welcomes students from all walks of life and backgrounds.

In 2017, shortly after Trump’s administration began, Fort Worth school trustees voted in favor of a resolution that declares the district “welcoming and safe” for all students, regardless of their immigration status.

Under the resolution, the district will “strive to create the safest possible environments for its students and employees … free of insecurity and fear.”

Also, the Star-Telegram reported that  Anita Quinones, a retired teacher who tutors immigrant students, both legal and illegal, said…

“There is no fence around the education of young minds.”

In other words, the radical left has embraced gang bangers, illegal aliens, drug dealers, and breaking federal laws, all in the name of left-wing politics!

Ultimately, one thing appears to be an underlying factor, Clark was certainly upset with the massive numbers of illegal aliens from Mexico that have taken over the school, as well  as the crime and drugs, as reports indicate that drugs and drug deals had become commonplace, as a result of mass immigration and Mexican drug cartels being allowed to come across our American border. However, what is unclear at this point, is the circumstances in the classroom, and why she separated the American students from the Mexican students! Also, why has the district allowed illegals to continue to be protected in the School district? After all, the Districts own allegations against Clark, demonstrate that the District, and the School Board, have intentionally violated American immigration laws by refusing to turn in illegal aliens, and have instead chosen to terminate a teacher for going outside the district and trying to report their own illegality and their refusal to follow federal immigration laws! In the end, whether Clark is in the right or wrong, one overwhelming theme has become clear in the story! The Fort Worth School District is breaking the law, and they are apparently placing political interests and agendas, over the safety, security, and well being of the American children who attend the schools within their district!

Sadly, thanks to the power of the left-wing pro-Marxist unions like the Marxist-Founded NEA (National Educational Association), it has become nearly impossible to fire a teacher for child endangerment, child sexual assault, or other heinous and atrocious acts, but any teachers who dare defy the Marxist agenda and stand up to illegal immigration, are destined for the unemployment lines! There was once a time when it was the responsibility of our nations educational system to educate America’s youth, and to protect the lives of, and ensure the safety of children. However, now it seems that political agendas are more important, as the radical left takes over our nations government, our businesses, corporate leadership, economic apparatuses, and our educational systems!

Fort Worth School District is just one example of the mixed up priorities of too many leaders of our educational systems and institutions throughout America, as political agendas overshadow our school’s implementation of a strong educational foundation for America’s leaders of tomorrow!

This is a developing story…