By: Brian Evans

In early February, President Trump declared a national emergency, as illegal immigration exploded to astronomical proportions…

On Friday, the Democrat Controlled House Judiciary Committee announced that it had launched within hours of President Trump launching a ‘National Emergency’ declaration, an investigation into the President! In fact, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) sent a letter to President Trump, and signed by fellow Committee Democrats, that said…

“I didn’t need to do this, but I would rather do it much faster. We believe your declaration of an emergency shows a reckless disregard for the separation of powers and your own responsibilities under our constitutional system.”

Democrats, under the leadership of Nadler, then requested an immediate hearing with both the Department of Justice and White House counsel, Pat Cipollone. Democrats said that they want them to help  “understand both substantive rationale and legal justification” for President Trump’s “unilateral declarations.”

However, ‘National Emergency’ declarations are not uncommon. In fact, the Conservative Tribune reported that…

As it turns out, there are currently 31 ongoing national emergencies over which the president wields certain authorities, the first of which has been in existence since 1979 and is one of only two emergencies declared by Carter.

There were a total of six national emergencies during former President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, as well as four more during the administration of former President George H.W. Bush, all of which have ended.

Former President Bill Clinton declared 17 national emergencies — six of which remain in effect — while former President George W. Bush declared 12 national emergencies, of which 10 remain ongoing.

Then we get to former President Barack Obama, who declared 13 national emergencies, 11 of which continue to this day. Thus far, President Trump has declared three active and ongoing national emergencies.

Ironically, of the 13 National Emergencies President Obama signed during his time as President, they included things like the ‘Flint Water Crisis’, ‘Iran’, and even the ‘Swine Flu’. Eleven of his Thirteen National Emergencies are still in effect today, meaning CONGRESS HAS VOTED TO CONTINUE THEM, EVEN AS THEY MAKE IT APPEAR AS IF NATIONAL EMERGENCIES ARE RARE OCCURRENCE!

In other words, Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies are using the crisis on the border to try and smear the President as radical and out of control, despite the border being a MUCH BIGGER THREAT THAN Flint Michigan’s lead contamination of their water, or the swine flu!

Also, conveniently un-reported is the fact that the President has already signed three national emergencies including…

  1. Violence in Nicaragua
  2. Meddling in the 2018 Midterm Elections
  3. The Persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar (conveniently left out, since Democrats try to paint President Trump as an Islamaphobe!)

Also, Congress is required to meet once every six months to vote on any of the ongoing national emergencies, and to decide whether they believe any of them should continue or be concluded! However, USA Today reported that Congress has failed to do their job, which is why many of those National Emergencies are still in effect today. Therefore, Congress can vote to terminate the Presidents State of Emergency in six months! In fact, Congressional leaders are supposed to vote every six months, in a bi-partisan fashion to renew the Presidents State of Emergency! However, in the end, even though Congressional Democrats cry foul, just as Congressional Democrats are the ones who have the power to declare war, they are also the ones who have the power to end the Emergency Declaration, if they believe that it is necessary!

Therefore, regardless of the ridiculous left-wing outcry, President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency is completely legal, and if Congress has a problem with the President declaring national emergencies, then it is up to the power of Congress to change the law! Furthermore, ‘National Emergency’ declarations are not new! However, the only thing new is the Democrat outrage!

Now, once again, the President’s construction of a border wall along the southern United States border has come to a halt, as yet another Obama appointed federal Judge ruled on Friday to stop all construction! 

Then on Friday, Fox News reported that

U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam’s ruling applies to wall construction in specific areas in El Paso, Texas and Yuma, Arizona. Trump declared a national emergency in February to redirect funding from the Department of Defense to begin construction of his long-promised border wall.

“In short, the position that when Congress declines the Executive’s request to appropriate funds, the Executive nonetheless may simply find a way to spend those funds “without Congress” does not square with fundamental separation of powers principles dating back to the earliest days of our Republic,” wrote Gilliam, who was appointed to the bench by former President Barack Obama.

Judge Gilliam said that President Trump’s plan to divert Pentagon funds for border-wall construction was unconstitutional because the argument White House relied on applied to unforeseen needs.

Around 20 states, environmental groups and civil liberties groups sued the administration to halt plans for the wall, and even Dror Ladin, an attorney for the Marxist American Civil Liberties Union’s National Security Project said…

“This order is a win for our system of checks and balances, the rule of law, and border communities.”

The court blocked all the wall projects currently slated for immediate construction. If the administration begins illegally diverting additional military funds, we’ll be back in court to block that as well.”

The ACLU filed a motion on behalf of the Sierra Club and the Southern Border Communities Coalition to block wall construction.

In March, Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin responded to the incessantly radical left-wing groups, Democrats, and RINO’s (Republican In Name Only) attacks on President Trump over the border wall! On his show, he took on the President’s critics, as he defended President Trump’s national emergency declaration, pointing out the facts about the border crisis and explained it in simple terms, as to why the President has the legal power to build the wall. Levin stated…

“Let me try this a different way, so even slow-learning senators, radio hosts, and TV hosts can understand it. If the 1976 National Emergencies Act is unconstitutional, then multiple presidents have violated the Constitution, and Congress has done nothing and the courts have done nothing,” Levin said. “If the movement of funds under the Military Construction Codification Act of 1982 is unconstitutional, a dictatorial act, then past presidents have been dictators. But the fact of the matter is this is far more acceptable, as a constitutional matter, than the existence of these departments and agencies in the first place.”

Listen to the audio below…

Although Judge Gilliam’s ruling doesn’t prevent the Trump administration from using other sources to fund the wall, it does make a huge dent in its progress, as billions of dollars become locked down by the courts! Apparently, the now radical left-wing Democrats will do anything, including endangering the American people, in order to stop President Trump’s agenda, as they continue to try and erase his 2016 win, and return their party to power, which flies in the face of the American voters throughout our great nation!