By: Brian Evans

Ilhan Omar spoke on the House floor by attacking pro-life Christians, calling them

“religious fundamentalists.”

She went on to allege that Christian Conservatives are trying to impose their beliefs on an entire society! However, Omar along with the Democrat Party, is lying, being abortion was a decision that the population of each state determined until Roe vs. Wade was passed. After all, each state had the right to determine the legality of all aspects of abortion, until the left-wing Democrat pro-abortion law was passed as a blanket law across the nation, AS THE LEFT IMPOSED THEIR ‘WAR ON CHILDREN’ ON THE ENTIRE NATION! Now, Christian Conservatives simply want to return the right to decide what is best for their own families and communities, back into the control of the states, as it was designed by our Founding Fathers!

Furthermore, Omar went on to allege that Christian Conservatives had no…

“disregard for rights and voices of American women”

However, once again it is not the Christian Conservatives who have disregarded the rights and voices of American women, but it is the Democrats and radical ‘hate-driven’ women like Omar herself, who put political ideology as the motivating factor for the abortion agenda, and then claim that they represent ALL WOMEN! But, that is not true, because any women who dare disagree with their Marxist agenda, or policies within that agenda like abortion, are deemed under the control of men, of conservatives, or Christians! Therefore, the pro-abortion movement isn’t a women’s movement, but instead a movement of mere like-minded pro-Marxist women, who are willing to sacrifice and slaughter the lives of innocent children, for their own political agenda!

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) went on to say that the pro-life laws passed in Georgia and Alabama…

“are only the latest in a long history of efforts to criminalize women for simply existing, to punish us when we don’t conform to their attempts to control us, because it’s happening here with the support of the ultra-conservative religious right, we call it religious freedom”

However, her statement in and of itself shows her and her party’s disdain for ‘religious freedom’. In fact, it shows that she deems any religious beliefs like the defense of life, to be an attack on religious freedom in America! That statement says that if you defend the life of a child, it is considered an attack on religious freedom, according to the left! It shows that if you fight against the ‘war on children’, as they exterminate the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies, its a ‘war on women’!

Ironically, the war on women isn’t emanating from the religious right, but instead, it is being exuded from the radical left, INCLUDING THE SO-CALLED ‘WOMEN RIGHTS MOVEMENT’! They claim to fight for women, yet they demonize any woman who dares oppose their agenda! They claim to fight for women, yet they promote promiscuity in their own young girls, and then take them into facilities like Planned Parenthood to have the babies ripped out of them in pieces, or dissolved using chemically induced abortions! They claim to fight for women, yet they embrace transgendered men who are now competing against them in sports, as the men steal and knock women out of the competitions! They claim to fight for women, but they use those very women to falsely launch sexual assault and rape charges against political opponents, all while defending the true perpetrators of sexual assaults and rape within their own party, and throughout Hollywood and the Mainstream Media! Meanwhile, the true victims in America are disbelieved, because ‘We the People’ can no longer tell who is truthful, and who is political!

Meanwhile, the left uses phrases like “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice’ to promote abortions on demand, even up to the moment of a babies birth. However, just like so many Christians and Conservatives, the women in America do have a choice! They have a choice as to whom they have sex with! They have a choice as to when they have sex! They have a choice as to whether or not they use birth control, or even the morning after pill! In fact, women, JUST LIKE MEN, have the right to make choices that ‘does or does not’ lead to a baby being brought into this world! After all, they say that being pro-life violates a woman’s right to decide what is best for her body! However, is that really being honest, or is it merely political spin, that the left uses to justify promiscuity and murder? Meanwhile, the real war, the ‘war on children’ is being waged, as more than 800,000 babies are slaughtered per year, with more than 55 million children exterminated in the United States alone!

Then, Rep. Ilhan Omar had the audacity to attack Christians First Amendment right to voice their religious opinions, as she said…

“I am frustrated every single time I hear people speaking about their faith.”

In fact, it is completely astonishing that a woman like Omar, who has espoused vile hate-speech and anti-Semitic remarks to criticize American’s right to speak about their faith! It is disgusting that Omar dares to admonish and condemn anyone who questions radical-Islamic terrorists who kill human lives, while she also attacks Christians and Jews for their right to worship and openly oppose the mass slaughter of children that goes on daily in our American nation!

Already, America has been more than generous to Omar, as they changed the rules in Congress so she could wear her Muslim hijab during sessions! The American people have been more than generous, as they have allowed her to espouse hate, anti-Semitism, demonize conservative women, attack men, and now openly attack Jews, Christians, Israel, and America herself!

Sadly, this twisted and deranged voice is not that of just Omar herself, but it has become the voice of the now Marxist Democrat Party itself!

Via Gateway Pundit…

Ultimately, when judgment comes, those who stood by and allowed the more than 55 million babies to be exterminated in the United States alone, with more than 800,000 slaughtered per year, whether by direct actions or through passively aiding and abetting abortion proponents and abortionists, they will ultimately have to answer to God! Unfortunately for the innocent babies of this world, our very own children, they are handed down a judgment, a death sentence, not because of any action of their own, but because their mothers and fathers refused to make choices that would have prevented the pregnancy, or because they simply didn’t want them, or want a daily reminder of their one night stand! Yes, there are times when men and women cannot take care of a child, but infants are hard to obtain in adoption, and it is a simple solution, in comparison to chemically aborting or dissolving a child into nothing more than a pile of goo, or manually aborting a child by breaking its little body into pieces and sucking it through a pipe, only to be removed into the POC (Pieces of Children) room, as Planned Parenthood facilities named it, only to be hauled away in loaded into bio-contaminant barrels onto trucks, to then be dumped at a waste disposal site!

In the end, Omar is right, in that there is a ‘war on women’! In fact, it is a war on women, men, children, and the family unit! It is a war on everything we as human beings should be concerned about, and we should all worry for our future. After all, if the Democrats have their way, the ‘women’s movement’ will be nothing more than a Marxist tool, designed to transform our nation from the land of the free, to the land of the oppressed, as men, WOMEN, and children will lose everything they hold dear, INCLUDING THEIR FREEDOMS, and many times their lives!