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IT’S NOT A ‘WAR ON WOMEN’, BUT A ‘WAR ON CHILDREN’: SNL Vulgarly Mocks And Attacks Men, Whites, And Christians, As They Ignore The ‘War On Children’, Pushing For Abortion On Demand Up To Birth

By: Brian Evans

Last week, Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed what many consider the nation’s strictest abortion law, which makes any physician performing an abortion after 8 weeks, guilty of a felony in almost all cases. The exceptions would be when a pregnancy poses a…

“serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother.”

As a result, Alabama joins a growing list of states like Georgia and Missouri, who are fighting whole-heartedly to defend the lives of the unborn! Already, the Mainstream Media and the left have come out in a massive opposition of the law, as they claim that a woman has the right to end the life of their unborn child, citing that it is

“a woman’s body, a woman’s choice!”

However, what the left fails to admit, is that Christians and Conservatives are not declaring a ‘war on women’, but instead are fighting against the lefts ‘war on children’, who are not even capable of fighting for their own lives or defending their own rights and needs, under the Constitution!

Regardless, this past weekend, Saturday Night Live and Leslie Jones, took aim at the Christian Americans and pro-Life advocates, as they ridiculed those fighting for and defending the life of babies!

The now radicalized left is fighting for the right to abortion at any point during a pregnancy, even up to the moment of birth! In fact, any criticism of that policy is deemed as a ‘war on women’! However, it shouldn’t be viewed as a war on women, but a war for the lives of babies, as Democrats have declared a ‘war on children’!

It was just one of the many skits that Saturday Night Live used to protest pro-life legislation. It started, with Jones walking on the set while dressed as a handmaid from ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. After a few moments, she stripped off the costume to reveal a t-shirt with “Mine” written across her chest and an arrow pointing at her female genitalia!

Then, Jones began whining and attacking the legislators who passed the pro-life legislation, by saying that 25 white men who had passed pro-life bill…

“look like mugshots of everyone arrested at a massage parlor. You can’t control women because, I don’t know if y’all heard, but women are the same as humans. Why do all of these weird ass men care what women choose to do with their bodies? I don’t care what you do with your 65-year-old droopy ass balls. When women have a choice, women have freedom,”

She then went on to claim that pro-life legislation is nothing more than a “war on women.”

However, what bigots like Leslie Jones and those on the left fail to admit, is it isn’t Conservatives or Christians who have declared war, but instead it is the radicalized left-wing Marxists, who fight for the genocide of one of the most precious members of our nation and community! If women like Jones truly care about “a woman’s body, a woman’s choice’, then they should be more careful as to when and with whom they have sex with, just like men! They should make better choices in using birth control, and use the morning after pill if they are truly concerned! Women, JUST LIKE MEN, have the right to make choices that ‘does or does not’ lead to a baby being brought into this world! After all, they say that being pro-life violates a woman’s right to decide what is best for her body! However, is that really being honest, or is it merely political spin, that the left uses to justify murder? Meanwhile, the real war, the ‘war on children’ is being waged, as more than 800,000 babies are slaughtered per year, with more than 55 million children exterminated in the United States alone!

After all, when judgment comes, those who stood by and allowed the more than 55 million babies to be exterminated in the United States alone, with more than 800,000 slaughtered per year, whether by direct actions or through passively aiding and abetting abortionists, they will ultimately have to answer to God! And that day will likely come sooner than later! Unfortunately for the innocent babies of this world, our very own children, are handed down a judgment, a death sentence, not because of any action of their own, but because their mothers and fathers refused to make choices that would have prevented the pregnancy, or because they simply didn’t want them, or want a daily reminder of their one night stand! Yes, there are times when men and women cannot take care of a child, but infants are hard to obtain in adoption, and it is a simple solution, in comparison to chemically aborting or dissolving a child into nothing more than a pile of goo, or manually aborting a child by breaking its little body into pieces and sucking it through a pipe, only to be removed into a POC (Pieces of Children) room, like in Planned Parenthood facilities, only to be hauled away in bio-contaminant barrels on trucks to a waste disposal site!

Regardless, just like the Democrats and their radical allies in the Media, Saturday Night Live continues to mock and distort the positions of, and attacks those who dare defend the lives of children, in the left’s ‘War on Children’! SNL even portrayed Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, where they had actor Kenan Thomsan declare “women are screwed” to paint Conservative Justices like Thomas as evil, rather than the true defenders of evil on the left! Even Joy Behar, who is on ‘The View’, portrayed by Kate McKinnon, took aim at the male senators who passed the Alabama pro-life bill by saying…

“they’re so concerned with what happens to a six-week fetus because they all look like one, blobby nothings with beady eyes and big foreheads. They’re like, ‘Oh my god. It’s me.”

In the end, the now-radicalized Marxist left is pushing for the most radical and most evil positions, including the ‘war on children’, as in the last year, they have passed abortion laws that allow the murder of a child, even up to the moment of the children’s birth!

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