By: Brian Evans

The Dagbladet reported that the American iconic brand of soda, Coca-Cola, has launched a new campaign, in celebration of the Islamic celebration of Ramadan! It shows the Islamic crescent moon or Hilal, which is used to represent Islam, surrounding the Coca-Cola logo. Ramadan is a month of fasting that is observed by Muslims, wherein observers fast between sunrise and sunset. It is being launched in Norway, in order to promote the Ramadan Islamic fast. 

Johanna Kosanovic, who is the Chief of Marketing for Coca-Cola told the Dagbladet that…

“In Muslim countries we have a long history of observing Ramadan, just like we in this country have a tradition with Christmas campaigns. Now we want for the first time in Norway to celebrate Ramadan together with Norwegian Muslims.”

The new symbol will use the new symbol for soda machines, advertisements, on social media, and with other promotions! Kosanovic stated that…

“We want to show our clear commitment to diversity, and how important it is for society. Diversity and inclusivity has always been important for Coca-Cola. Many do not now for example that we were actively engaged in the civil rights movement in the 50s, and that Coca-cola was the first to have women in advertisement campaigns.”