By: Brian Evans

Sadly, as the radical left continues to sink into the depths of insanity and evil, we have already seen the Democrat Party embrace anti-Semitism and hate with Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) espouse anti-Semitic and racist statements, as their fellow Democrat leadership not only refuse to condemn those hate-ridden statements, but they have supported them! In fact, even Bernie Sanders joined in by calling the Israeli government ‘racist’, as they fight to protect themselves from anti-Semitics!

Already, earlier this month, Democrat State Representative Dianne Pappas (D-IL) openly declared war on men, as she has declared war on men’s bodies! In fact, last week, she called for men to be castrated, as a means to end abortion, in which her own party has supported, and propagated exponentially! Then, she added that the men should be forced to donate sperm that can be utilized by women who want to have babies, and then be taxed to store the sperm!

It is a bit of irony, in that Democrats claim that abortion should be legal because women’s bodies are their right, as they have chanted slogans like…

“Our Bodies, Our Lives, Our Right To Decide!”

However, when it comes to men, she says that men should be forced to have their reproductive rights stripped from them, by surgically attacking their manhood, surgically cutting out their reproductive ability, and then charging them for women to freely have the ability to take their sperm for their own purposes!

Now, in Florida, a former Florida Democrat Congressional candidate is calling for women to deny Conservative men sex, as she demands a boycott against the men themselves!

Pam Keith
Pam Keith for FL/Facebook

She released the calls for boycotting Conservative men on Twitter by stating…

In her call for all women to boycott sexual relations with all conservative men, she has openly declared war on a large portion of men in America, and all while declaring herself as a protector of American justice and liberties! She has promoted herself as a fighter for justice, as she points out that she is a former U.S. Navy JAG officer, an experienced litigator, and an expert on workplace law.

She has repeatedly tried to run for office as a United States Senator and as a Congresswoman for the 18th District in Florida, losing both campaigns! She also has tried to run for office in the 17th District in Florida and filed a lawsuit to try and force the state to allow her to run for that seat but to no avail. 

Sadly, one overwhelming theme that has become apparent throughout the Democrat Party, is the creation of divisions throughout the American population! They seek to divide the old and young, the rich and poor, blacks and whites, Hispanics and non-Hispanics, and yes… MEN AND WOMEN! Today, the fight against men, especially white conservative straight men has become a top priority for Democrats, as they seek to divide and conquer! Therefore, the war on men and masculinity that has consumed the Democrat Party is more than just a mere hatred for men! It is about dividing our nation and filling it with hatred towards one another! After all, a nation divided is much easier to conquer by the Marxism based Fascists who now control the radicalized Democrat Party, and the left knows that, as they are actively working to exploit those weaknesses, in their effort to transform our Constitutional Republic that is based on freedom, into a Marxism based Fascist nation of Elitist haves, and their subservient have-nots (the American people) to serve their greed and lust for power!