By: Brian Evans

Today, millions of mothers are being rightly celebrated for everything they do, and that can be a lot! After all, women now have to be mothers, breadwinners, and many times take over the role of mother and father, as society slowly degrades the roles of men and women, as our nations elected leadership blur the lines of morality, and the distinctions between right and wrong, good and evil, and men and women! Republicans rightly fought for women to be allowed to have the right to vote and have a voice in America, but Democrats took that initiative and tainted it by pushing for and creating a society where women now have to work, and now even fight for women to be forced into the military through drafts! Even more concerning today, Democrats are pushing for stripping the maternal right of women under the veil of feminism, as they push for men to be allowed to compete against women, men to steal their maternal rights,  simply because men claim that they are women!

Today, even mothers day is no longer sacred! After all, between mothers day being perverted into a monetized celebration of spending and money making, and a woman’s rights to motherhood being stripped away by left-wing mandates and legislation that have not simply allowed women into the workforce, but it has obligated them to enter the workforce and turn over the raising of their children to schools and daycare centers! As a result, it has robbed women of their right to be mothers, their right to compete in sports, and their right to be women! The radically Marxist left tries to claim that they are ‘liberating women’, as they deceptively shackle women and strip them of their maternal rights, and feminist rights!

Even the radically left-wing CNN revealed how the women who invented Mothers Day came to hate it, and all it had become, as they said…

The woman who invented Mother’s Day came to hate it(CNN) Mother’s Day means big business for retailers. This year is no different — shoppers will spend an average of $196 per mom.

If you hate all of the commercialization behind the day that celebrates moms, imagine how Anna Jarvis would feel now.

The holiday’s founder worked so hard to get the world to give moms everywhere a shoutout. But before her death, even she had to admit she had some regrets about starting Mother’s Day.

If she were alive now, she’d probably be living her worst nightmare.

The article went on to detail how Jarvis simply wanted to honor her mom, as they said…

Long before her death, Jarvis’ mom Ann Reeves Jarvis hoped someone would dedicate a day to honor mothers. When she died on May 9, 1905, Jarvis set out to do just that. She began campaigning not only for her mom but for moms everywhere.

It started off with her hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, which takes credit for hosting the first official Mother’s Day celebration three years later at Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church. Since then, the church has been dubbed the “International Mother’s Day Shrine.”

In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Jarvis’ Mother’s Day as a national holiday.

However, Mothers Day doesn’t hold the same meaning as it did, according to Jarvis! In fact, she intentionally named the holiday ‘Mothers Day, as to celebrate ONE MOM, not multiple moms! Her intention was for each child to celebrate THEIR ONE MOTHER, or “the best mother who ever lived, yours.” However, as ‘Mothers Day’ became a hit, it shifted to any ‘mother-like figure’, including men, transgenders, gays, or even two women in the case of lesbians! Sadly, even grandparents are celebrated, as they have been forced to take on the roles of mother and father, due to the degradation of society and the family unit, subsequently stripping them of their grandparental rights to be ‘JUST GRANDPARENTS!

As a result, and according to CNN, Jarvis “disowned her own holiday”, because they said…

Jarvis couldn’t stand the idea of people spending so much money on extravagant flower arrangements, sappy greeting cards, and overly priced chocolates.

First, she went after florists, protesting their marketing of those beautiful and ornate carnations. Then, her protests escalated to arrests for public disturbances.

Jarvis didn’t stop there. She went after first lady Eleanor Roosevelt for using Mother’s Day as a way to promote the health and welfare of women and children. While it was true that Jarvis’ mother was a community health advocate, Jarvis still didn’t like the association.

Following Jarvis’ death in 1948, her legacy lives on, but it is not the legacy that she had hoped for! Today, in the name of feminism, a woman’s rights to compete are being stripped away by left-wing lunacy, as men are allowed to compete in sporting events because they self-identify as a woman, rather than their biological identity, and despite their having male genitalia! The result, women are robbed of their right to compete fairly in sports! Also, women are being stripped of their right to be mothers, as they are forced to leave the home, simply because left-wing ideologues have made it physically impossible for families to survive on one income anymore UNLESS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE POLITICAL ELITES! Also, women are being stripped of their right to be women, as men are able to adopt children and raise those children, SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY CLAIM THAT THEY IDENTIFY AS A WOMAN, DESPITE WHAT THEIR BIOLOGY EXEMPLIFIES!

Sadly, it is simply yet another symptom of our nations moral degradation, as mankind abandons God, in favor of doing what feels good, and putting the desires of oneself over what is right or wrong!

Jarvis died in 1948, and her ‘Mothers Day’ holiday has been dying ever since! This ‘Mothers Day’, Americans are expected to spend more than $25 billion, with more than $5.2 billion expended on jewelry. Sadly, too many Americans spend hundreds or thousands on extravagant and expensive gifts, despite living paycheck to paycheck, or being at least $10,000 or more in debt! Mothers do have a right to be celebrated, but the holiday has become more of a perverted and twisted party, than a celebration of motherhood, as the true meaning behind the holiday has become lost! Fortunately, its true meaning has not been lost to all, as some continue to celebrate motherhood by showing that we care about and love our mothers, whether it be by handmade cards, making breakfast for our mothers, or simple gestures that show we care! After all, motherhood in itself is a gift, just as fatherhood is! Unfortunately, the true gifts from God have become lost to too many in today’s Secularized world, as many throughout our nation and the world fail to see the truth, as they fall to their knees and surrender to the ‘Serpent of Old’, Satan himself!