By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday night, Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity show, discussing the illegal Deep State spying on Donald Trump’s Campaign, prior to the 2016 election!

In fact, it was revealed that as recently as last month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suspiciously classified a meeting that took place between Christopher Steel, the infamous Trump/Russia Dossier author, and the State Department and FBI itself! Therefore, these new revelations expse the fact that the Obama Administration’s FBI and DOJ not only lied to the FISA court in order to gain a warrant to spy on an opposition party candidate, but they are now trying to cover their tracks, as they have become the most untransparent and sinister group, in order to save their own hides!

Therefore, according to Senator Lindsey Graham, the claims made by the FBI, that they had classified all notes to a meeting prior to the election in 2016 between Fusion GPS’s Christopher Steele, and the FBI and the Obama State Department WAS A  BLATANT LIE! In fact, he said that it was only classified in April of 2019!

Senator Lindsey Graham said to Hannity…

You gotta remember, the guy who started this, Steele, went to the State Department, and I don’t know why he went to the State Department, for the express purpose of having the State Department release the dossier before the election, ten days before the (FISA) warrant!… Somebody needs to look at this like Mueller looked at Trump. And here’s a question. Why would the FBI classify this exchange between Steele, the State Department and FBI in April of this year.

Fox News Hannity show, Lindsey Graham’s full comments…