By: Brian Evans

On Tuesday, Twitter made a move to suspend David Horowitz, who is the founder of the Freedom Center, in their continued purge of Conservative, and non-Marxist voices in America! 

The Freedom Center’s Facebook page details how the…

David Horowitz Freedom Center was founded in 1968 and is dedicated to the defense of free societies whose moral, cultural and economic foundations are under attack by enemies both secular and religious, at home and abroad.

Sadly, Twitter and Facebook have in the past few weeks launched a massive campaign to target not only the voices of freedom and Constitutional law in America, but any of their followers who dare to defend them, or their organization! In fact, simply sharing out a post from a “blacklisted” conservative can get one banned and blacklisted on Facebook!

To no surprise, Twitter received a massive backlash for their anti-free speech actions, as they were forced to restore David Horowitz back on Twitter! The company tried to once again pass it off as a “glitch”, but it apparently is an “anti-Conservative glitch,” being it always targets pro-freedom, pro-Conservative voices, while allowing terrorists and left-wing extremists to remain untouched and unchallenged!

Therefore, on Tuesday night David Horowitz’s account was restored on Twitter, as Twitter went into damage control! Meanwhile, Horowitz expressed his belief that it was an intentional attack, along with thousands of other conservatives who have been silenced over the past few years, but especially in the last two weeks, due to the Silicon Valley’s targeted attacks on American’s Constitutional rights, primarily pro-Constitutional Americans…

Horowitz is right, in that the left-wing tech attack on American’s First Amendment rights is one of the greatest threats our nation faces today! Just maybe, our elected leaders will stand up for those who they profess to represent and defend their Constitutional rights, rather than simply stating that it is wrong, and then moving onto their next agenda item!






Of course, the glitches and mistakes only affect one side of the aisle.
It’s too bad the Republican party does not give a damn about its voters.